39 thoughts on “Russian man makes a Humvee from Russian GAZ66 truck”

    • No resemblance??? You mean beside the fact they clearly picked a name that is almost the same and gave it the same look and style just to fool people into thinking they are buying the same truck. But no resemblance… A hummer and a humvee don’t look alike because General Motor clearly wanted to copy the look of a toaster when they made it… The hummer is just a cheap GM lookalike copy of a military car made for people that want to feel like GI JOE and fill an inferiority complex…

      • Oh my… besides all your jealousy….

        The Hummer and Humvee looks almost the same, don’t know wtf you are talking about. You are talking a lot of bullshit about these twins, which are hard to beat by a factory off road vehicle.

        regarding the work, can’t be mistaken for the original, but nonetheless nicely done. Now put a real Humvee and the chinese copy right next to this GAZVEE!

        • You both are right. The H1 was based on Humvee. The H2 and H3 are nothing like Humvee. They just made it to look from outside as boxy as H1 and Humvee.

          “In 1998, General Motors (GM) purchased the brand name and marketed three vehicles: the original Hummer H1, based on the military Humvee, as well as the H2 and H3 models that were based on smaller, civilian-market GM platforms.”

  1. I do not know why anyone thinks the Humvee is special. The work this person did is excellent, so good in fact, he could have built something even better looking/running than a Humvee!

  2. You guys do know that an AM General HMMWV (Humvee) is a quarter million $ US armoured military truck right? you are probably talking about a General Motors hummer because there is no way in hell that rust bucket assembled in a shed can be better than a multi million dollars in R&D project made for the military… Come on people use your brain for a minute… It’s not that hard to figure out that a guy using parts from a graveyard in a shed with a blowtorch to assemble them together will never match a military project that’s been spent tens if not hundreds of millions of dollars into…

    • seriously? HMMVEE, the real ones are junk. crap engine with many problems, not armored until to late, plastic fuel tank underneath completely unprotected. defrost system hardly worked. the US govt got took!

    • funny that you talk about using brains, when thats what your comments seriously lack of.

      You are missing the intentiions of this work and try to troll people, why is that. In other comments you don’t even seem to know what a hummer is.

      • You know that beside the Hummer H1 (who by the way beside the frame and the look shares very little with the Humvee since the engines and drivetrains are different) the H2 and H3 aren’t in any way related to any humvees ever made… I think you are the one that knows nothing about Humvees.

      • I’m French, I don’t really care about the US debt but for you to think the humvee as a relation with their deficit you really seem like the kind of person they should trust with their investments…

        • I didn’t call the Humvee a rip off. US Vets did while they were active in Iraq since 2003, and realized their armored cars weren’t armored… It took a lot of additional cash (and shattered lives) to upgrade them.

          • I wasn’t talking about that part genius… I was talking about the part where you made the connection between the humvee and the debt of the United States… Where you clearly say: “Small wonder why the US ows trillions today.”

            • @Pom2Ter: LOL. Please check the cost of the U.S. 10 year “search” of WMD’S in Iraq. And the U.S. Military budget each year. The cost of the F-35, the Zumwalt ship… The Humvee additional over-charges after failure is just a simple example. Red again if you still want to replay “something”.

              • @Oscar Goldman: I know about all these.
                The crazy cost of just dropping 1 bomb (Let alone a bombing run from a B52) + the cost of the actual bomb itself… after fuel and logistics. Or the amount of cash lost to buy out information from Tribe leaders by the CIA about Al Qaeda positions and other intel… I read took some time to read from what came out of wikileak… I was not talking about all these things since what you were talking about in this particular case was the cost of the humvee itself. Next time mention these in the conversation when you explain why the US owe trillions of $ in debt if you want to talk about those from the beginning…

                • “you made the connection between the humvee and the debt of the United States”. Yes, I explained in this thread how you can lose (and ow) trillions upgrading already expensive military equipment that didijn’t quite work as expected…. If you still can’t make a “connection”, please write some more. It’s getting fun to help you out.

                • Pom2Ter, Next time, please insist even MORE about a point that was already explained pretty well from the beginning… You’re becoming a kind of entertainment here!

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