How Russian Soldiers Live in Syria


Famous Russian war journalist went to Syria to see how newly arrived Russian soldiers live in the newly established military camps in Syria. He was admitted to visit and see how soldiers live, how they cook food etc. Just a few photos but a good start! Thanks to Sasha for publishing these photos!



Russian military mobile kitchens are in full demand here.




Cooks come from Russia too.






Not all are soldiers, some are civilians. 5


They bake their own famous Russian bread.6


“Place to dispense boiled water”, people are probably afraid of local water and boil it.






Sasha with friends taste the food soldiers eat there.8


And these are mobile homes – in containers – that are now used by Russian army in Syria. These container homes have beds, windows and are air conditioned.





Here you can see them from outside.    They look pretty comfortable.10


And this is a display of Russian “Southern” type of uniforms. Usually Russian uniforms are targeted for the colder climes, but here are the Southern types. Look at those shoes.    They are a hybrid between the well known “Crocs” and just normal leather shoes, designed specially for Russian Army.11


And here the laundry and ironing goes on.12


Just your normal laundry but also in a container.13


And this is a mobile sauna (who needs a sauna in the Syrian desert?), still its a mobile sauna brought from Russia and is said to accommodate 10 people in an hour.

That’s it for now, we expect to see more from Sasha or other Russian journalists arrive in Syria, including photos of the bombers in action!

Sashas instagram is here


10 thoughts on “How Russian Soldiers Live in Syria”

  1. “people probably afraid of local water and boil it” : Russians are used to that, as they don’t drink their tap water, even in big cities like Moscow. Decadent West does not have this problem…

    • @”Alain”
      Probably you haven’t heard of the poisoned drinking water disaster in Michigan….

      Well, normally, you haven’t heard about anything but your paranoid panic against everything Russian.


  2. I don’t know how it is in Syria, but in Egypt you can catch a pretty serious disease or die if you would drink not boiled water or for example eat not disinfected fruits. This does not affect locals, as they have the necessary immunity, but visitors do not have this immunity.
    Besides – what army wants to risk their soldiers to get sick on a combat mission (no one or two soldiers, but massively)?

    • I know for sure that it is a problem in a third world country. But is it normal, in a so-called developed country ? All the more a nuclear power ? Not enough money to bring drinkable water to the citizens of its capital city ? Let alone water to ALL its citizens ?

      • The west has engineered a situation, now out of control, where we are collectively facing the biggest muslim threat ever to our own civilisation but all you care about is the quality of Moscow’s tap water…

        Something I despair of my fellow country men.

        • I am very happy to see Russia join the efforts to fight Daesh. Unfortunately, it seems their Glonass still has some problems to help them target correctly the real enemy (we are used to that, since last year).

          I meant, beside this, that money in the country could be better used to improve the well-being of the citizens (water and electricity for everybody – still waiting the promisses of the Soviets), instead of useless warmongering among the neighbors, corruption and petty criminality…

          Would the country be perfect, the Russians would not have been, until now, the first people asking for political asylum in Europe. And you would have moved there, Froggy, too 😉

          • The Soviets were 25 years ago… Today, with all its faults, Syria, Iraq and Libya were no way in the Sh*t the US & the West has put them into …

            The Russians are targeting Islamic State & the so-called “moderates” that the West is propping up because they are as bad as IS and keep defecting to Al-Nusra. Even the US congress knows that despite the current administration trying to hide it.

            The truth is that, as un-pleasant as it may be, the Iranians & Bashar are the only serious force standing between Islamic State & Europe. We should all be thankful to Putin for supporting the real opposition to Islamic State.


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