The First Bridge to Crimea is Completed







According to Russian media the first bridge connecting continental Russia and Crimea peninsula has been completed.  Previously Crimea had no direct roads to Russia, you could get there either thru Ukrainian mainland or thru ferries from Russian coast. They have found the narrowest path in the Kerch Straight and started building a bridge to connect Russia to Crimea. Now it’s done. It’s a technical bridge yet, not open for a general public, however trucks are already able to cross the sea and go to Crimea. Also it carries electric cables to feed electricity to the peninsula. A few details on the bridge and how it is built are inside.



Here you can see floating cranes put the last section on the bridge.






This is a temporary village built for all the workers engaged in the construction. There were not enough local works therefore they invited a workers from other regions to help build the bridge fast.




They also have built a few concrete plants to produce sections and other elements of the bridge.




Here, the narrow piece of land is a Crimean shore, and you can see bridge already connects with it.




And this is the type they expect to have later on when the bridge for the general public will be built.


36 thoughts on “The First Bridge to Crimea is Completed”

  1. What a waste time, given the fact that Crimea will get back to Ukraine, sooner or later… And who knows how long it will last, with winter coming.

    Really, Russia loves to lose its money…

      • You can’t compare Kosovo to Crimea. Crimea declared independence by vox populi, by referendum, while Kosovo declared it by some self appointed “Kosovar assembly” made out of former UCK terrorists. It’s like if me and my friends make an assembly in living room and declare this part of country independent and decalre ourselves as rulers and than the West recognizes our state.

        • I actualy agree, mostly because after the USSR broke up Crimea had its own government and Ukraine dispersed it against the Crimean constitution.
          The Crimea-Kosovo works not because of the people involved on the ground but the powers that made it happen. The argument against Crimea is that Russia cant change the borders of another country, that is just “beyond the rules” :)… So the counter argument would be that NATO/US/West did the same in Kosovo.

    • You’re dreaming. Russia will never let Crimea return to Ukraine, a country that has no economy and that is run by extremists. Moreover, I would like to get back to Ukraine.

      You don’t live in the real world, I’m sorry to say

      • I meant, I challenge you to find a majority in Crimea who would like to get back to Ukraine. (the message has been shorten for some reasons)

    • Ukraine is just too weak to take Crimea back. Militarily it will not do, Ukrainians know it is suicide. If they put more resistance like they did with Donbas, it is unlikely that it would be annexed by Russia. Would take a lot of blood but eventually they would give up and focus on the next “challenge”.first challenge was Winter Olympics, second Crimea, third war in Ukraine, fourth Syria.. and they all forget about internal problems 😉

      • It’s not only militarily. Ukraine has the worst economy in the world in 2015. Eveb though it was not that bad, Russia has the most efficient military power and it’s been admitted by a Pentagon expert. I mean, Ukraine doesn’t even have encrypted communications in its army. Where does she want to go ?

  2. What I wanted to say is, Kosovo has always been part of Serbia and it will be again as we will retake it as soon as America collapses and Russia strengthens more, while Crimea has always been part of Russia, it is, and it will be part of Russia in the distant future.

      • Khruchtchev was not Ukrainian.
        He was Russian dictator, like Putin.
        At the time whe it happened nobody protested,
        everybody was happy.

        • Oh Ed… Well at least you got that he was Russian right. He had a fondness for the east Ukraine because his family was very poor and the only time they had any money was when his dad was working in Yuzovka. He worked on the railroads for the mines and a brick factory.
          Khrushchev however was not a dictator. He was the General Secretary of the Communist party. A position one had to be elected to by the members of the party. Similar to the way a Parliament elects a Prime Minister.
          Putin is nothing like him. He is also not a dictator. He has been elected to be the president. Each time according to the letter of the law.
          First he was appointed to be a Prime minister by Yeltsin then he was acting president when Yeltsin resigned. At that point he got elected to be president twice. At the end of his two terms he stepped down.
          He was later appointed as the Prime Minister. The terms for the president and the limits were changed by the Russian government (much like the 22nd Amendment in 1947). When he was eligible to run for president he did and was elected with overwhelming support. He was able to get over 60% of the vote while his nearest opponents got less then

      • Before Crimea returned to Russia, the legitimate Ukrainian government was illegally toppled by a foreign power South American style, replaced by a illegal extremist government and democracy in Ukraine short circuited by blocking the east from political participation in their country. The Ukraine now is firmly in the camp of a power who’s leaders wish to dominate the Russian Federation, so unsurprisingly, Crimea with its strategic navel base returned to the fold.

        • Which power is this this time if I may ask? As early as during the Orange Revolution Russia was screaming about a foreign power (Poland?) printing orange flags. Does this mean that the sky blue flags of the Yanukovych camp were genuinely “Ukraine” made?

          The toppling of the Yanukovych regime was not democratic, it was a coup with a great deal of rats leaving a sinking ship. But do remember that the ousting of Yanukovych was not even on the agenda of the popular uprising initially. What sealed the fate of everything was the miniature war that played out in Kiev with the Coward escaping to the lap of luxury there is for ousted crooks.

  3. This will be only part of the construction bridge to build the actual bridge…”The first of the temporary bridges is to be constructed by Fall 2015. Satellite photos from August 2015 shows the first temporary bridge approximately 75% completed.”

  4. Are there any more details of the electricity cable (to be?) laid on temporary bridge to supply power to Crimea and Sevastopol?


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