Tsar Bomba Arrives to Moscow





The Tsar bomb or “Tsar Bomba” in Russian, is huge. It’s equivalent to 500 megatons of TNT and is the biggest bomb mankind ever made. See how careful the workers are loading and unloading it from the truck. It arrived after previously being stationed in the nuclear scientists city in the middle of Russia, at a Moscow museum to commemorate the 70 year anniversary of nuclear weapons being made in Russia. Watch the photos and video inside:

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When a Tank Hits a Wall

When a Tank Hits a Wall

During a recent tank drill by the Russian army one of the T-72B3 “Burevestnik” got into an accident that caused it to hit a concrete or brick wall at full speed. One might imagine that the tank, with all its mass, going at high speed, should crush the wall, however, this probably only happens in movies. In reality the wall has damaged the tank a lot, in fact the armored plates cracked in multiple places baring the inner parts of the tank. The photo above shows the tank after the hit, there are a few more photos of the details inside:

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The World Strongest Man at Age of Sixty Five

The World Strongest Man at Age of Sixty Five

Michael is sixty four but he is pretty much not your average old man. He is actually an active powerlifter who still participates in powerlifting contests. He easily can lift more than 300 kg in a deadlift. He holds a few world records and lives in Belarus, considers himself to be the strongest man of his age and his wife just gave a birth to his youngest kid! There are some more photos and words of wisdom from the man inside.

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Capybara on a Run

  A capybara called “Prokhor” has broke free from its cage in Krasnoyarsk zoo. It headed directly to the rides section of the park making the visitors getting their phones … Read more

Very Angry Dog

So in Russia dogs are so hungry (or angry?) that they have to attack and bite cars. Like this dog in Petrozavodsk city, Russia. Funny video caught by a local … Read more

Giant Underground Fridge in Samara Russia

Giant Underground Fridge in Samara Russia

Sergey has visited a huge underground structure in the Russian city of Samara. This refrigerator can hold up to two hundred railway cars of food! The Soviet Union liked to build big, and this is one of the examples of such construction. Also, from outside you would never, ever suspect that there is something that huge below this regular red brick building in the middle of the city. Soviet authorities were keeping the strategic surplus of food here for Samara city. Samara has a population of one million citizens and in case of a disaster they need lots of food, so they built this huge storage locker and placed it deep underground under a regular house so that the enemy would not suspect it and would not bomb it. Even many of the people who live here don’t suspect that such a huge structure is hidden underground, and thanks to Sergey we can see it too now! Welcome inside.

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