Youtubers Pretend they are Gay Walk Thru Moscow

Two Russian male youtubers decided to go thru Moscow streets while holding hands, pretending being gay. Look what was the reaction around.

One of the most upvoted comment below this video on youtube is by Russian man saying: “We don’t want gays or gay parades in Russia, however I don’t need those rednecks haters as well. There is no difference between the screaming gays and screaming haters.”. Probably sums up Russian mass opinion at the moment.

18 thoughts on “Youtubers Pretend they are Gay Walk Thru Moscow”

  1. Don’t fool yourself that people in the U.S. are less hostile towards gay men, just because it is now legal to marry. Americans are just as small, petty, and hateful, as the people you see in this video.

  2. The problem is, that the official politics of Russia have open the gate for the haters.
    Nobody needs to find gay people good or say yes to gay marriage. But it is disgusting, when people treated this way, they have the same rights, as anybody else to live a decent live.
    Does Russia really want to follow the path of the Nazis or the terrorist of ISIS.
    This whole thing is damaging Russia a lot.

    • Looks like someone sniffed on grizzly poo for too long. maybe thats why you have the same feelings as those russians in the video swearing at normal decent human beings.
      go back in the woods and cook a tasty bear poo meal, cANALdian.

      • Hey man…Canada is an advanced country when it comes to gay rights (third in the world to nationally allow same-sex marriages, with several provinces allowing them even sooner).

        This guy is just some useless fucking redneck who should move to the deep South. Please do not judge my country based on him. I’ve seen same-sex couples hold hands before…I have yet to see anyone pull any shit like what was seen in the video. When something does happen (like the assault shown in the video), it makes news, and usually the assaults are committed by immigrants whom we really should have screened better and not let in.

        • Hey, own up. Just because you think that no true Canadian could be bigoted doesn’t mean you have to write them off as belonging to “the deep South”. Talk about generalisations. “Useless fucking redneck” operates on the same principles of thinking of others as lesser beings as what you’re fighting against.

    • I realize I was wrong. A few of you read between the lines & you were right! Please forgive me. Spreading hatred is the worst thing anyone can do. I’m a fool. sorry everybody.

  3. Damn faggots are spreading over the world like a disease. Its a cancer that can’t be cured. Russia is one of the last bastions where homosexuality is still taboo. Long live our people of the Russian Federation.

  4. I see many comments in this blog which are really interesting, especially if they are actually from Russian people. Do you guys understand how fu**ed up your country is?

    I’ll just leave this here…

    • Nope. A lot of them have no idea. The government has very effectively scapegoated gays. In the Empire, they blamed everything on the Jews, so that people would direct their anger towards them (despite the fact that they were not the cause of their problems) rather than the government.

      Now that all the Jews have unfortunately left for Israel, the government scapegoats gays. Because large groups of people are stupid (and because Russian society has continuously been dumbed down since the raspad), they eat it right up. It’s not the fault of the government/oligarchs/corrupt-officials/AVERAGE FUCKING RUSSIANS that everything is shit – of course it’s the fault of the gays, who probably comprise less than 2% of Russia’s population and are disproportionally *poorer* than the rest of the populace.

      “Vote for me, I’ll keep gays from having a parade ONE DAY OF THE FUCKING YEAR. I might rob you blind and keep you living in shitty, second world standards, but hey – at least those pesky gays won’t have a quick little parade! I haven’t battled corruption, but I have made it more difficult for certain harmless groups of citizens to live their own private fucking lives!”

  5. Homosexuality is no normal. You all are completely ignoring this fact. Its the same as bestiality. NOT NORMAL HUMAN BEHAVIOR.

    • Define “normal”. Do you think it’s normal human behaviour to squat smoking cigarettes and getting drunk all the time?

      Are you aware that homosexuality is also present in the wilderness in the animal kingdom?

      If two guys kiss each other do they do any harm to you? Do you have to pay more taxes, risk losing your job, eat worse or less, have access to less information because of that?

      Have you ever met gay people, did you ever talk to them?

      Your problem is that you think that everything that is not “normal” according to your standards must be fought and punished. It’s called “having a limited mind set”. This is why Russia is basically 3rd world today.

      Not completely your fault though, admittedly your politicians and oligarchs have made a good job in brainwashing people like you.


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