1 One Crazy Robber

One Crazy Robber

This jewelery shop robber was so funny that police investigators called him "crazy one". Here is why - he tried to avoid cameras and security sensors by crouching all the time on the floor and putting a masking comforter
blanket on his back, using a fishing pole to fetch the jewelery boxes from the shelves. This is really funny, take a look just a short under one minute video won't leave you without a smile on your face!
7 No Justice for Migrant Workers

No Justice for Migrant Workers

On this video footage some Russian kids treat immigrant workers from Southern ex Soviet republics as low as they can. "Where are you from? Where were you born? In Tajikistan? Then this is your present from Russia (slaps in a face)". The kid is really young, probably
ten or twelve old but bullies a whole bunch of migrant workers, who often treated as slaves as they don't have necessary papers to work and value their income too much to go to police. And that's not only trouble for migrant workers in Russia:

15 Russian Welder Girl is Famous on Instagram

Russian Welder Girl is Famous on Instagram

So if you think most Instagram girls become popular thanks to their selfies and bikini shots you need to rethink it thanks to Elizaveta, a Russian welder girl from Ekaterinburg who is
popular on Instagram because of her welding skills. She works in a custom body shop in Yekaterinburg Russia and is really fond of what she does. See inside the gallery:
16 Russian MiG-29 Jet Vertical Take Off

Russian MiG-29 Jet Vertical Take Off

Have you ever knew that Russian pretty old MiG-29s can do an almost vertical take off, like a space rocket? If you've never seen those planes doing this kind of
a thing - then here is a short video, just under one minute. At first it seems thing go pretty normal, until you see it! Highly recommended to watch!
4 A Rocket Exploded on the Boat

A Rocket Exploded on the Boat

A couple of days ago there was a navy parade devoted to an anniversary of the Russian navy. It took place in Sevastopol and warships had to fire rockets as
a part of a demonstration. However once the missile was fired on one ship it exploded as witnesses say. Here is a short footage of the accident.
8 Chasing the robbers

Chasing the robbers

A guy have been robbed of his bag where he was holding 30 thousand dollar in cash. Then this chase
followed - spoiler he got his cash back. Who needs action movies, when you have footage like this?

0 Launch of Soyuz TMA-17M Space Rocket July 23rd

Launch of Soyuz TMA-17M Space Rocket July 23rd

A few photos from the most recent space rocket Soyuz launch a few days ago - on July 23rd, 2015. The crew includes one Russian, one American and one Japanese
space explorers. The Russian cosmonaut goes to space for the third time, he has spent over 391 days in space already! Photos by NASA/Aubrey Gemignani.

12 Three Russian Guys Travel Across Country in an Old Soviet Car

Three Russian Guys Travel Across Country in an Old Soviet Car

Three Russian guys decided to go on an unusual adventure - travel across Russia in an old Soviet car. Basically, this car was always treated as a parody of a normal car and was always ridiculed in funny stories, etc. It only has forty
horsepower and the car's basic appearance stayed the same from the 1960's until the 1990's when they stopped producing them in Ukraine. However it didn't stop them from taking one of the cars for a journey. So here are some pics.

10 Gerard Depardieu pays a visit to Belarus President

Gerard Depardieu pays a visit to Belarus President

The famous French actor has paid a visit to the president of Belarus, but instead of going all official the president of all Belarussians has
taken the actor into the fields to do some farming. Take a look inside: The president has a scythe and is demonstrating how to use it.

7 Hidden Russian Road Cams

Hidden Russian Road Cams

Russian road police used to use their patrol cars to catch drivers speeding on the highways. However as their equipment advanced in sophistication and ability, their masquerading skills became more advanced, too. Now they place the autonomous cameras capable of taking a photo of a speeding car in totally random places across the highway's shoulders, then they park a few miles down the road and get the
signals and photos from the cameras onto their laptop so they just stop the approaching cars that have been speeding and fine them. Each time they place the camera in random spot so that it can't be tracked or its position predicted. Here are a few examples. The first one shows how the roadside merchant helps the police to hide their cam amongst their stack of fruit and veggies.

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