Improtant People of URAL sing Russian Anthem

Might be the most hilarious touch on Russian anthem since its beginning in Soviet times. The “top elite” of Ural region – politicians, top businessmen and actors have participated in singing of national anthem dedicated to the “Day of Russia” which was yesterday, June 12th. They totally killing it. I wonder why they are not yet prosecuted for disrespect for a national anthem, there is such a law in action actually). Take a look its fun, especially when you realize that those people are all serious and in their day life they control the minds and lives of millions of Uralians. This could be well understood as a parody or as a direct broadcast from some mental disability asylum but it is not, they are very serious.

4 thoughts on “Improtant People of URAL sing Russian Anthem”

  1. Um, the Youtube video link says they were trying to sing from memory, for fun. They were not being “very serious” and the comment about mental disabilities is insulting.

  2. prosecuted? is it your typical russian /or soviet/ solution for everything? if someone touches Your Holy State and Your Holy Emperor, as in saying negative things from soviet or russian history he is a traitor?

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