Has Russia ever landed on the moon?

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There’s a lot of confusion as to whether Russia landed on the moon or not. A lot of people immediately assume that they’ve already landed on the moon because their cosmonauts are almost as popular as the astronauts. Let’s make it clear, we will take a look at some history facts…

About the Luna 2 Mission

Yes, Russia has already landed on the moon. In fact, history tells us that they’re the first one to do so. However, this distinction is for an unmanned mission when the Luna 2 landed on the moon on September 13, 1959.

USSR spacecraft
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It took the US 3 years before they were able to duplicate the feat when the Ranger 4 unmanned mission landed on the moon. Since that time, there have been 12 spacecraft between the US and the Soviet that were able to make soft landings by using braking rockets – something that the USSR accomplished first.

USSR vs US on the moon
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Due to the soft landing, these unmanned missions led to scientific operations on the surface of the moon. In fact, the Luna 16 was able to return with a soil sample on September 24, 1970. Its success led to the successful missions of the Luna 20 and the Luna 24 in 1972 and 1976. This was followed by successful rover missions of the Luna 17 and Luna 21.

USSR cosmonaut space suit
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How about Manned Landings?

Only the US has the distinction of sending people to the moon. To date, 12 people have set foot on the moon. These were scattered across 6 missions of NASA that happened from July 20, 1969 to December 14, 1972.

First foot print on the moon
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Of course, everyone knows that it was the team of Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong that first stepped on the moon when they arrived via the Apollo 11. The last footprints were left behind by the team of Jack Schmitt and Gene Cernan aboard the Apollo 17.

This means that while Russia has already landed on the moon, a Russian has yet to set foot on the moon.

Things are about to Change

Russia is now preparing for a manned landing on the moon by 2030. This is based on a document from the Roskosmos that was leaked. According to the document, a spacecraft will conduct a test flight around the moon before landing the cosmonauts on the surface.

Cosmodrome Baikonur
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Actually, Moscow has been transparent in its plans to send a manned spacecraft to the moon for years. However, this is the first time that a deadline has been established.

The nation is in an extreme pressure to save their space program. Several of their satellites have crashed these past few years. With a successful manned mission, it should revive the space program of Russia. According to them, this should restore its space program’s prestige back to the prestige that it enjoyed when it was head to head in a heated race to the moon against the United States.

In Putin we believe!

Putin on the moon
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  1. Funny the trolls haven’t noticed this yet, but they will be here sooner or later. I wish Great Russia the best of luck with their space-program.

  2. luna 2 not landed on the moon .. it has hit the moon surface at high speed . luna 9 was first vessel witch landed on moon surface

  3. The question has to be asked though…what’s the point of a manned mission to the moon? Why not aim a little higher and go for Mars?

    Anyway, that last photo is obviously fake because the whole world knows that Putin would pose shirtless and flexing.

  4. “Why not aim a little higher…”

    First, do you really want Mars polluted with empty vodka bottles? Second, you have to remember that Russia (bells and whistles not withstanding) is a pretty backward, third-world nation. Okay, they were able to understand the technology stolen from the west but unless they’ve figured a way to take a tractor to space, they ain’t going anywhere.

  5. This bit of history, I find very interesting! I wish the Russian’s had pursued their own manned landing on the moon! Just think where we would be today…most likely, on Mars already!

  6. Hollywood landed on the “Moon”, in Nevada and it was transmitted live just like 9/11 because they couldn´t fail that one like they did the others…

    And it was of coursethe second best option after years and years of failures and fiasco’s. When Russia decides to go there, for other more practical reasons than the US fakes was dreaming of, they will find nothing…

    • Right…and the hoax was successfully carried out and perpetuated by the hundreds and thousands of other people working for Apolo, too. So, what was the purpose of the hoax? To upstage the Russians…cheaply? LOL! Cheap government space programs. LOL, a cheap U.S. program, period. Well, then where did all the money for the program actually go? The usual whipping boy is the CIA, covert funds and the like. Then why the big charade and expense? However even then there are easier and more efficient ways to do funnel money.

      The technical parts of the hoax were debunked years ago. Debunked to the point the moon hoaxers make shimmering retards like the 9/11 truthists look like geniuses.

    • So tell me why the ordinary people from US have “uncovered” this “fake landing” and there is not a single word of suspicion from the biggest competitor in this story – the Soviet union/Russia?

      • Especially now that the last Chinese probe that went into Moon orbit sent back images of Apollo 11’s landing site… call that a hoax after the soviet union never denied it and the Chinese provided photo evidence of it… Still all the conspiracy freaks are talking shit…


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