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  1. Great song, and its definitely the way it should have been showed to the “west”. Its terrible whats going on in Ukraine, and even more terrible that the so called “good western country’s” doesn’t want to see the truth.
    May God bless all those who suffer from this craziness. The truth will one day show what really happened in Ukraine and the evil will be destroyed for ever.
    God bless those who seek peace in the name of Christ.

    • That is a bit ironic – your comment and the first minutes of the video where they start by showing “the unidentified/polite green men” and occupation by them of the objects in Crimea, then some falling Ukrainian airplanes and then the well know separatists Grad accidental bombing of Mariupol. These videos are probably some of the best know to the West. If you would like to update your knowledge on what West may have seen, the visit the Vice News homepage or youtube channel (but be careful because there are many videos with graphic content from the war zone).

  2. Blya Dima , ya byi voobshe commentarii byi ne chital eslib tebya tyt nebyilo , yrodov koneshno sobralos , legko sidet doma obsirat drygix , koroche good job !

  3. From now on, I will not comment anything regarding Ukraine here. Just fed up with Putin’s trolls. This video is enough to understand Russkiy Mir. Unfortunately, Russia will understand in pain the wrong choice it did, by according to Putin its faith. Ukraine will be worse than Afghanistan, even without western help, for a whole generation of young Russians. And their parents will cry their losses…

    Now, English Russia, stop bothering us with the so-called mighty Russian army. Focus on what you did well in the past and what brought us here…

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