Blogger Goes thru Devastated Ukrainian Village

A blogger girl, Medvedova, goes thru the devastated Ukrainian village filming it with her cell phone camera. She is really distressed by what she sees: there was a school, there was a club, not a single house left without having the signs of shelling on it. Her other friend is shocked too. See yourself.

16 thoughts on “Blogger Goes thru Devastated Ukrainian Village”

  1. If Europe forgives Putin and does not impose harsh sanctions on Russia, something like this would happen in couple of years in on of the Baltic countries.

    • Yeah. Putler acts in perfect accord with Dolfi´s cookbook (Fifth Columns created from ethnic Ruskies abroad etc.). Let us hope the democratic world will not allow another Munich, no matter that current Ukrainian leadership seems to be just another bunch of crooks.

      • CZenda, I’ve been reading your thoughtful comments for years but lately you’re sounding like a mindless troll.

        Take that as constructive criticism.

      • There was a movie where Putin admitted that he started this and you saw it. from People’s Republic of Moscow.

      • Risci. Probably you have not noticed what Putler said few weeks ago. Or you don’t want to hear.

  2. This is a tragedy that the “western” part of the world allows. The truth will come and every human being will see. Nuland and McCain must be proud of their work and their puppets.

  3. oh, i visited this place about a month ago and it looked just like this. it’s nikishino, a village in shakhtyorskiy district of the donetsk people’s republic (where i live), not far from debaltsevo and the lugansk region. soon after the ukr. army showed up near the village and first shots were fired, all of its citizens except for 3 fearless families left it and made their way to the inner regions. during the clash with our militiamen in winter, the army resorted to heavy artillery strikes (from redkodub) and mortar fire (from the nearest block station), and those who witnessed the battle claim the fire was so intense they saw shells exploding around every 20 minutes. if europe forgives poroshenko, he will try to push hard on us again, despite being UNIVERSALLY hated by every single person living here, both in my home city of donetsk and its surrounds. as people here keep saying, it’s a pity we don’t have peacekeepers stationed on the border to prevent his thugs from coming here, shooting at us, stealing our cars, etc. it’s also a wonder that we still have energy to resist, reconstruct our homes, repair what was damaged, celebrate holidays and hold parades after all we’ve come thru…

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