Cat in Russia Rings a Door Bell to Get Back Home

A family in Russia had a cat that was allowed to walk by itself outside of their apartment building and get back home whenever it wanted. Thus being said, the can never failed to come back and waited in the lobby near the apartment door while somebody would notice its presence there. Sometimes the passing by neighbors rang the door bell to let the cat owners know their pet is here. However, starting from some weeks ago they started noticing that the bell rings when the cat arrives, however there is no a trace of neighbors around. At first they didn’t pay much attention to this fact, however later decided to place a camera and see how does this happen? This is what the camera revealed…

2 thoughts on “Cat in Russia Rings a Door Bell to Get Back Home”

  1. Cats are incredible smart. I use to say they are double as smart as a dog. A dog can open a door one way, but the cat open it both ways.

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