Solid Gold AK-47 Lost in Taxi


A taxi cab company from St. Petersburg is in search of a customer who owns a solid gold AK-47 in a special slim case that was left behind in one of the company’s cabs this week. The customer reportedly was in rush and left the case behind. The company driver surrendered the case to management and they, after a few days of waiting, decided to publish the photos in the hope to find the client.


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If you or one of your buddies have lost something like this, please report it here.

16 thoughts on “Solid Gold AK-47 Lost in Taxi”

  1. This has to be the peak of idiocy. Russia just won the biggest idiots award. Everything about this is just utter retardation.
    I would hand an idiocy award to all the people involved in this gun’s life, but you know… left the gun on a taxi… Morons.
    Applaud the Russian thickos!

    • I dunno. it’s not just Russia. In the USA, cops leave their loaded guns lying in public washrooms, parking lots, sitting on top of their car when they drive off, handguns, assault rifles, shotguns. They even lose guns from supposedly secure evidence storage rooms. Non-cops are even sloppier.

    • You want to talk about retarded idiots? How about people getting shot by their own DOGS or toddlers?

      That shit happens regularly in the US!

  2. Russians are most brainy persons I have ever seen From cars, aircraft, guns to space technology they are the best. Americans are just idiots.

  3. Oh that is where I left it, I have been searching all morning for it. If I don’t forget I will pick it up this afternoon. Damned Schmalzheimers.

  4. @The Real John Doe

    To be fair, it’s actually very uncommon for dogs to shoot people in the US. It may be that dogs have better judgement than humans, or that there are not many guns that fit a dog’s grip well. We don’t know.

  5. Simply, the man drank a couple of bottles of vodka for warmth.
    And do not biting sausage.

    St. Petersburg northern city.
    And residents found frostbitten brains.

    This humor.


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