Gas Tank Catches Fire in the Car


Some people in Russia use natural gas instead of petrol to save money on transportation, but, as everyone knows, cheap does not always mean good.. This woman had a gas tank in her car with no protective cap on it so the gas leaked and filled the cabin. Then she felt like smoking and you may see in the video what happened next…

6 thoughts on “Gas Tank Catches Fire in the Car”

  1. Strange.. CNG is very hard to get ignite in engine also, temperature must be precise! Also CNG smells A LOT! Maybe this was LNG or something but with CNG not possible.

    • They say she transported broken LNG cylinder inside the car (for stove may be). And she smoked at the time. Result you can see.

    • My understanding is that natural gas has to have an additive put in it or it’s odourless? At least for home fuels here.
      That woman is more than lucky, she must have a horseshoe up her butt to have survived this!


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