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    • The difference, kid, is that you still have the intelligence and knowledge of a 12-year-old child which is somewhat ridiculous but unsurprising among your tribal fellows. Those fancy red passports with little black letters that you have seen above are officially issued by the government of the Lugansk People’s Republic and distributed in small numbers among those citizens who either lost their Ukrainian documents during the war or would like to obtain passports of their self-proclaimed republic. Within the LPR, these passports are used along with their Ukrainian analogues and regarded as temporary internal IDs that will be used until the official status of the LPR is finally determined.

  1. This guys and girls has better future then ukrainians, new country, new horizonts. Not europeian zimbabve(

  2. It’s not “passport”. It’s internal ID-card not usable as passport we know. Interesting to see which country international passport they are going to use – most likely Russia.

    • Yes, isn’t that a Russian thing too, an internal passport that’s basically the fundamental legal ID for a person?

      Not a foreign passport, folks.

      These people need to live in the territory disregard the occupation, so one has to have the official ID disregard whet they’d might think of the occupation.

      Specially, if they ever need to retreat and there’s evacuation or the situation stabilizes or the area gets annexed to Russia, being officially accounted at least makes it possible that all that goes legally smoothly.

  3. Look at those smiles as they wave their passports! Congratulations to these brave people. We Indians have not forgotten 1971! If there is any consolation for Russians, the USA will dump Ukraine like a used condom, just like they did with Pakistan. You just have to have patience.

  4. The passports have nothing to do with Ukraine and rest of the world. Except Russia and local bars, please tell me where these happy girls can use these brand new passports?

  5. And the worst is that when they will try to enter any EU or country that’s not a friend of Putin’s mafia they will just have to turn around and go back home…

  6. Anyway, Ukraine as it was could not survive. Like the Crimea, Lugansk, Donetsk and other territories of the “New Russia” vomited Ukraine pro-NATO, pro-USA, Nazi heart for a long time (see pro-Nazi movements marching in the light of everyone ), which denied them their birth language (Russian), and kills their children by calling them terrorists. The Ukraine then, Donetsk and Lugansk reject that, most of the French refuses. There are increasingly pro-Nazi parties in Europe, one more is not necessary!

    • What are you saying by most of the french refuses? I’m french and I try to understand what you are saying but honestly I have no idea… could you please explain to help me understand?

  7. And I would read a little on history just to make sure you realize Russian isn’t their birth language… because way before the Russian empire was in any way involved with Ukraine there was a couple of other people and empires…


  8. to PornTer : Ukraine, Ukrainiens, Russes, ukrainophones, russophones

    Selon les données du recensement de 2001, dans lequel sont distinguées la “nationalité” et la “langue maternelle”, l’Ukraine compte 48 240 902 millions d’habitants (44 291 413 en juillet 2014 selon le World Factbook de la CIA). 77,8 % sont de nationalité ukrainienne et 17,3 % de nationalité russe. 67,5 % se déclarent de langue maternelle ukrainienne et 29,6 % de langue maternelle russe : un certain nombre de citoyens ukrainiens de nationalité autre que russe déclarent le russe comme langue maternelle.
    Source : http://2001.ukrcensus.gov.ua/eng/results/, consulté le 2014-08-30.

    La comparaison entre nationalité et langue maternelle fait apparaître des disparités importantes entre les régions. Dans la région de Donec´k – à l’est –, 58,7 % des Ukrainiens déclarent le russe comme langue maternelle, contre seulement 0,4 % dans la région de L´viv – à l’ouest –, où, par contre, 12,1 % des Russes déclarent l’ukrainien comme langue maternelle. Ces disparités sont la conséquence d’une histoire différente : tandis que L´viv faisait partie de la Pologne ou de l’Autriche du XIVe siècle à 1939, Donec´k faisait partie des territoires conquis par l’empire russe au XVIIIe siècle. – Les seules régions à majorité russophone sont, outre la Crimée, celles de Donec´k et de Lugans´k.

    Les données du recensement de 2001 sont à comparer avec celles fournies par le centre Razumkov : selon un sondage organisé en octobre 2008, 43,6 % déclarent l’ukrainien comme langue maternelle, 26 % le russe et 28,7 % les deux langues (contre 15,6% en 2006 et 21,5 % en 2007) – soient 72,3 % d’ukrainophones et 54,7 % de russophones.
    Source : http://www.razumkov.org.ua/eng/journal.php/poll.php?poll_id=290, consulté le 2014-08-30.

    Par différence avec les nombreuses langues minoritaires présentes en Ukraine, le russe occupe une place à part, à la fois en raison de l’importance numérique de la communauté russophone, du bilinguisme de nombreux Ukrainiens, des relations multiples avec la Russie voisine et du poids d’une histoire et d’une culture communes avec la Russie. De fait, il y a lieu de s’interroger sur le statut de “langue minoritaire” du russe.
    – Pour plus de précisions, voir entre autres Besters-Dilger (2002), Höfinghoff (2006), Stoumen (2013).

  9. They are all lovely. I wish one of them would use her new passport to come and be my wife. The one at the far left is absolutely adorable.

  10. to PornTer :
    The prominent American syndicated columnist and journalist Ted Rall has recently written on his website that there are traces of neo-fascism and neo-Nazism in the government of Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk who has just come to power: “There’s no doubt that a Ukrainian nationalist strain runs deep in the new regime. It has been estimated that roughly 1/3 or more of the supporters of the new government come out of xenophobic, anti-Semitic, neo-fascist movements that draw much of their ideological heritage from the Nazi puppet regime that governed Ukraine under German occupation during World War II.”

  11. Funny things are happening when people want to be free and want to determing their own future. Specially in the Juncker pardise of the EU and PC USA.

    I wish the Lugansk People’s Republic all the best. Go for it!

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