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      • USSR did better then the Harrier. The Yak-41/141 is far more combat capable. Not only was it faster it carried more advanced weapons like R-73 (unmatched in the west till 2000) with helmet mounted targeting system and the R-77. Lockheed Martin paid as much as 400m USD for the technology developed by Yakovlev for 141.

        • No one denies that Yak-141 would be better than the Harrier, but it was also unaffordable for the USSR.
          Sadly for the Soviets, their leaders were so bent on having technologies analogue to those of the West they did not stop to think whether they really need them. With USSR’s vast territory and numerous allies around the world, the aircraft carriers and VTOL aircraft were not really that neccessary, because they could rely on land bases.

          Correct me if I’m wrong, but in a majority of their operations since 1989 the USA relied on allied land bases to project their airforce to the battlefield (Desert Storm – Saudi Arabia, Bosnia and Kosovo – Italy and Germany (?), etc.) – carriers were mostly used as a show of strength rather than real impact force.

          • Well Kraken up there did deny it…
            As far as USSR paying for military; the collapse off USSR was because of political decisions and events not because of the financial situation. A similar situation was happening in China and they chose to crack down on minor political opposition and conducted a financial reform. Look at the current budget of US. It is so high that US is paying as much as 250 billion dollars in interest fees for the current national debt.
            So I don’t believe that money was an issue. Had USSR lasted another ten years I’m pretty sure the Yak would have made it into service. One major reason for it is that Yakovlev OKB had major political support.

            AS far as modern carriers. Itโ€™s hard to say how useful they are. For US they are very useful because US has been only attacking inferior militaries that have no chance of resisting. During the start of operations in Afghanistan only carriers were able to provide fighter cover. Were they useful as fighters? No, they were used as bombers. F-14s were modified to use JDAMs. In Iraq during the initial phases F-14s were used for FAC(Forward air control) missions they would loiter in the area and were able to respond in almost no time to calls from the ground for support. VF-31 dropped more munitions than any other coalition squadron.

            I remember reading a testimony before the Senate by a retired US admiral. When asked how useful US carriers would be in a confrontation against the Soviet fleet of submarines, he answered that they “would last maybe 2-3 days, a week if they are in port.” Again itโ€™s hard to say if he was right but a carrier makes a very big target and a submarine like Oscar-I and II for example can carry 20 missiles with the range of 200 miles and speed of Mach 3 at altitude of just a few meters…
            Try to imagine safeguarding a 200 mile area around a battle group.

          • A funny story about the replacement for the F-14, the FA-18E. The CVN-72 USS Lincoln had VFA-115 deploy with pre-production FA-18E. The War in Iraq was supposed to be a chance for proving the effectiveness of the Super Hornet. To be able to fly long range missions both the F-14 and 18 need to be refueled in midair. For a carrier group that means using the S-3. The new FA-18E is supposed to replace the S-3 as well. So when the combat operations started it just so happened that all the available S-3s were not operational. So the brand new FA-18e were used as tankers for the F-14s, the fighters they were meant to replace.

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