2 Truck Hits a Truck Full of Paint

Truck Hits a Truck Full of Paint

The plot point when a truck carrying buckets of paint gets into an accident and paint gets all over the place is probably nothing new - being exploited in movies and cartoons before. But what does it really look like when a paint carrying truck gets hit by another car in real world, not staged, not drawn? Thanks to these
guys we now can see how it looks like. A truck was carrying a lot of paint and was tailgated by another truck. Nobody got injured, however the driver of the rear truck is all covered in pain, as well as everything around and both cars. And yes, the paint color is yellow. Take a look on this video.
Moon - great photo
11 Has Russia ever landed on the moon?

Has Russia ever landed on the moon?

There’s a lot of confusion as to whether Russia landed on the moon or not. A lot of people immediately assume that they've already landed on the
moon because their cosmonauts are almost as popular as the astronauts. Let's make it clear, we will take a look at some history facts...

23 Russian Female Prison Guards

Russian Female Prison Guards

Just a few photos of Russian female prison guards. Just for you to have an idea which kind of women work on this job - as with each job there is a great variety.
Again, those are not police workers, but the female workers of special Russian department which is engaged in guarding people serving their terms.
5 Taxi in Russia

Taxi in Russia

Taxi in Russia is like this... Well, actually its an ad, but very cleverly made and holds your attention all the way thru. You might want
to take a look, this video has already got almost one million views just in couple of days. Make sure English subtitles are on.
0 Brave Grannies

Brave Grannies

Now these are brave grannies - fighting a robber with all they had in hands including the chairs. And,
again, they are grannies, seniors or whatever you can call them. Or maybe the robber didn't even try.

28 How do they make the famous AK-47 in Russia

How do they make the famous AK-47 in Russia

    AK-47 assault rifles are very famous all over the world, everyone knows about the quality of these Russian guns. Blogger Ilya Varlamov Zyalt visited the homeland of the AK-47 rifles.
   The main "Kalashnikov" factory is in Izhevsk, Russia. Let's walk around the "Kalashnikov" factory and see how they make the most famous assault rifles in the world.
14 Russian Lookalikes of their Western Counterparts

Russian Lookalikes of their Western Counterparts

  They say that "There are at least 6 people that look exactly like you and you have 0.5% chance to meet him in your life". I am not sure
how true this universally is, but at least some of well known westerners can find their Russian counterparts on those photos.
4 Jumping from a Roof in a Court Yard

Jumping from a Roof in a Court Yard

If you live in a house like this, and get bored a bit, you might try doing something like this too. No, just kidding, but nevertheless - take a look what this guy did in one of the courtyards of St. Petersburg in the middle of a
busy Friday. Would you dare? When I was kid they said a chute won't open if you jump from a house, no way you can do this. But he proves it works. And note the houses are not tall at all. Maybe sixteen floors in total.
0 Unloading Truck in High Winds

Unloading Truck in High Winds

This video was called "Unloading a vehicle in high winds" by its authors and there is nothing much to be added here, really. However, the show by itself is pretty much
hilarious, you might want to take a look! They say it was filmed in pretty much Southern Russia - on the coast of the Black Sea. Also a great example of a team work.

3 Crossing the River

Crossing the River

Just a few photos showing how the heavy missile carrying trucks cross the river
in modern Russian army these days in places where there are no bridges.

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