9 thoughts on “Russian Women Crossing Roads”

  1. Some of them are crossing in marked spots where there are no traffic lights. We all knew these ain’t things to scare the first-generation driver, frequently seen in developing countries. When a driver wants to get somewhere, pedestrians on marked crossing areas are a pest. Ilf and Petrov have a good preface on how the rights of the driver came to be more importnat tan those of the pedestrian. Nearly a century later, their irony is lost.

  2. I would have bumped into the two idiots walking in the lane of traffic, just because the one turned around and acknowledged the car was there.

  3. That is some funny stuff. From time to time the american media will show interesting clips from our eastern driving friends. I once had a Russian limo driver take me from Gloucester City, NJ to JFK airport in little more than an hour. He was doing 100 mph+ at times on the New Jersey turnpike.

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