Just Some Pieces of Video Awesomness


One man was filling holes in his shed with expanding foam, but one of the packs didn’t open because its nozzle was broken and did not fully empty. His neighbour, the guy with three diplomas of higher education, decided to help him and withdraw the remains.. He even put the pack into the previously made hollow… 

Well it could end even worse if it got on his face…

Have you ever seen a landslide from a close distance? This is how it looks like… Trees are falling, the earth is slowly moving onto you, man-made structures are collapsing… Creepy!

Well, nature could be cruel to people. Here’s another interesting video shot by an eyewitness from Chita, Russia. The strong wind collapsed the roof of the building as if it was made from paper!

The launch of S-300 missile executed during the drill of the Russian army, ended in an unexpected way. The missile fell back on the launcher. Will those who have seen this ever come close to the missile again?

And a short criminal report from the city of Petrozavodsk, Russia!

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