4 thoughts on “Russian Soldiers In Tajikistan”

  1. Great pics !
    Looks like the guy wearing Avganka in flora with the liftchik on page 4 is using an AK in 7,62×39 ? Are those still regular issued in the Russian army ?

    • I think so, rifles like the AK-104 are supplementing and replacing carbines like the AKS-74U, so it would make sense for a vehicle crew to have less need for a longer-ranged cartridge.

  2. I’m probably wrong, but those army uniforms look a lot like the American ACU, except the camouflage pattern. I mean the pajama style looks awfully similar. Actually, if anyone with any insight into zrussian army clothin issue could pipe in, that would be awesome.

    • As a collector of military uniforms, rifles and equipment, I can tell you that they look similar from the outside but are entirely different when worn. I`m glad you said “ACU”, a lot of people think that`s the name of the camouflage pattern when in reality the pattern is called UCP (Universal Camouflage Pattern).

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