Space is Near


Ladies and gentlemen, please let me to remind you during these Easter weekend that space is really much closer to us than we often realize. Especially in Russia. Inside there is a full set – click on the images to see full size.












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Text on the bag reads: “You can see a smart one from far a way”.



4 thoughts on “Space is Near”

  1. The reason why this is funny is that the pictures of the third world country (Russia in this case) are combined with modern cosmic images. The contast beween swine-like life of ordinary Russians and achievements modern civilization creates the comic effect

    • I find these pictures to be much more poetical: they show how we dream about things as beautiful as space views while we live in such awful conditions, too lazy to change something in our lives, too used to its badness. Mind that I don’t justify all these drunks that lie at the floor, they’re disgusting.

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