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  1. We may be shocked now, as we know the history of what happened after the Nazi invasion, but at that time the Holodomor had happened less than 10 years ago. Ukrainians had suffered horribly under Stalin and his forced collectivization of farms. I know personally someone who lost her mother and other relatives to the Communists. Nazis were an unknown quantity at that time, but many Ukrainians took a chance on them as they had suffered under Russian communism. How were they to know how bad the Nazis would be? As the Soviet Army swept the Nazis out of Ukraine later in the war, many thousands of Ukrainians (and I’m personally acquainted with one) packed their belongings and headed west, between the grinding millstones of advancing Soviets and retreating Nazis. What horrors these people experienced, lives and families destroyed by followers of two different ideologies. Imagine trudging along with your belongings on a wagon pulled by a horse, Katusha rockets roaring overhead, most everything being destroyed in front of you. Then you spend the next few years in a displaced persons camp, hungry all the time, hoping against hope the next place you go will be better. Finally liberated, you can never go home again–so you continue West, emigrate to the U.S., get married and have a family. But the war has scarred you, health issues dog you, and you can’t sleep in a room without a light on, as the memories of war are too great. The legacies of Hitler and Stalin, long dead, still cause pain to millions around the globe.

    • Learn more about Holodomor – translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=ru&tl=en&u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.proza.ru%2F2013%2F05%2F21%2F1299&sandbox=1

      • Alain, Russian SS division? Don’t you mean Russian Liberation Army? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Russian_Liberation_Army

        • Indeed this one, but also the 29. Waffen-Grenadier-Division der SS “RONA”, the S.S. Sturmbrigade RONA and the 1. Kosaken-Division 🙂

    • Let’s see the Facts:
      Holodomor (Famine) hit Mostly Central and
      South-Eastern regions of Ukrainian SSR!
      If you Watch Demographics map of Ukrainian SSR, this is the Regions where only Ethnic Russians lived in Ukrainian SSR.
      Western parts of Ukrainian SSR are almost completely spared from Famine !

      • This has nothing to do with demography. This was mainly due the Ukraine’s geography and economy structure – western part of Ukraine are mountains, meanwhile central and eastern are agriculturaly fertile plains. And Stalin’s intention with Holodomor was to eliminate farmers and violently convert their farms to kolchozes and sovchozes.

  2. That is because for Ukranians even Hitler was better than Stalin. Stalin killed millions of Ukrainians during Holodomor (Hunger-extermination).

  3. Page 4 pic 3 – It is probably soviet tank and crew. May be it is IS-3. IS-3 battle tank was created in 1945, it didn’t participate in WW2.

  4. The problem here is, you have to choose between Stalin and Hitler. And no matter which choice you make, it’s wrong. And there is no third choice.

    • Are you kidding me? Hitler burned people alive based on their religion and race. Stalin had no choice but to kill opposition in time of crisis. Russia was not prepared for this war. Idiots like youself have no idea what they are talking about and what Russia went through during WW2 to fight the nazis. Read a book why don’t you and not the propaganda written by Uncle Sam during the Cold War.

      • You are an IDIOT. Stalin tortured people for days. You will say anything just to stop the pain when NKVD Agent take a hard drill and drill your knee cap. If they dont kill you, you wold be sent to Siberia to rot Stalin was prepared for the war!!! With Japanese!!! His forces were on the other side or Russia. Sins Stalin and Hitler became allies and decided to share Poland and i belive also Finland, Stalin did not see a threat in Hitler. Read Books

  5. When historical facts are called propaganda
    and every evil is being excused by greater evil done by someone else…

    People arguing like this are making me sick.

  6. I see that most of the people doesn’t like the truth. Some Ukrainians were nazis, a specially brutal ones, I guess that they wanted to ingratiate
    to the German masters. Large numbers of Europeans were collaborationists as well, it’s a history fact. Only significant resistance in a whole Europe occurred in former Yugoslavia, although they had their Quislings as well. French resistance was funny, Poles waited the end of the war and then they provided some significant resistance. Dalimir Orfanus is right. Also it is stupid to equate nazis and communists, that’s in fact western propaganda. Most of Nazis escaped to USA where they were sheltered. Some of them even worked for the USA. If you use Google or Wikipedia you can learn more about US or even British fascists.

    • Indeed, some Ukrainians were nazis. Like some French, some Russian, some Brits, some Polish, some Hungarians, some Romanians, some Croatians, etc.

      Nobody equated nazis and communists here (although the number of killed people by communism is at least as high as nazism). Just telling that seeing how bad communism was, they were happy with any liberator. Most found out how terribly wrong they were, later…

      Oh, and you’ll find some nazis who have worked for USSR, too 😉 Some details there:
      https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Forced_labor_of_Germans_in_the_Soviet_Union (of course, few came back alive to speak about how nice USSR was!)
      and also here

      Even more did between 1939 and June 1941, in case you forgot that time 😀

      • Yes, so what they were prisoners that were forced to work for Soviet Union not free man owning villas and expensive cars. Americans practically freed them from any responsibility in exchange for services that they provide. Some of them were spies, mass murderers or rocket scientists, some of them became military advisors or members of the south american puppet governments. All of them were members of the nazi party. They were never sanctioned because of that or any crimes that they commited in the WW2.

        Read about differences between communism and nazism. Communism isn’t so bad like a idea, I bet that most of the people doesn’t know to explain it. It is truth that Stalin turned communism to evil and stern system, but that is not in the description of communism. You got even Christian communism, guess that one is oldest known.



        Also pact with Nazis was good strategic move in that time, it was not so honest agreement. They didn’t really loved each other. Soviet army was weak in that time and Hitler wanted peace on the east so he can smoothly conquer the western states and north Africa.


      • You are wrong Alan. Communism has killed far more people than Nazism has ever done.
        As a French person, may I suggest you read “Le livre noir du Communisme” by Stephane Courtois (CNRS Research Director).

    • “Poles waited the end of the war and then they provided some significant resistance”??

      You F00L!!



      • ” The AK coordinated its operations with the exiled Polish Government in London and its activity concentrated on sabotage, diversion and intelligence gathering.[10] Its combat activity was low until 1943″

        Just for comparation:

        “The first communist military unit, the Sisak Brigade, was established on 22 June 1941, the day Nazi Germany invaded the Soviet Union. This was ignored in official Yugoslav Historiography as it was not related to the Partisan movement.[citation needed] The first uprising, led by Tito, occurred two weeks later, in Serbia.[28]”

        You IDIOT!!!!!!!

        Also US companies cooperated with Nazis without shame in early years of Nazism. Business ties between the USA and Germany were very strong those days.





        Zyklon B also came form USA


      • Oh, I forgot, some Poles were collaborators as well.



          • You are right, I had such a grandmother also. I use Wikipedia links because obviously people don’t want to believe something if it doesn’t come from
            “eminent” written sources.

      • Everybody cooperated with Nazis in some period of time. Brits supported the Serbian Chetniks until 1943.

        “The Chetniks participated with a significant, 20,000-strong, force providing assistance to the German and Italian encirclement from the east (the far bank of the river Neretva).”

        they had their own fascists as well.


        and their fascist parties


        Even Chinese cooperated with Nazis until 1941.


  7. “Nazi german” soldiers do this, “nazi german” soldiers do that. What about the german soldiers, who weren’t members of the nazi party? They stayed home? Russians should’ve really learned by now that not every german soldier was nazi. It’s like saying that every soldier in the red army was a communist. Everybody knows it’s impossible and it wasn’t that way.
    Not every german soldier was a nazi, and not every russian soldier was a communist. Learn that already, ffs.

    • Almost every damn german soldier was bloodthirsty nazi. Of course after the was, most of them denied that to save their skin.

      • So, with that logic: Mikail Grussmann is bloodthirsty communist, but, since he, obviously, denies this to save his own skin, it will make it true?
        And, if he don’t deny this, it it also true?
        So, in conclusion – everything I say is true, just because i say it, and if other person denies it, it is because he tries to save hes own skin, therefore it is true.
        Yep, i remember this communist logic from Soviet era.

  8. The German occupation forces in Ukraine during WWI in behaved decently. The people were expecting the same behavior. It did not take long for them to discover the truth.

  9. Russian propoganda at work here. On the last page, 3rd picture from the bottom are the picture of Russian solders on 1950’s tank, 2nd picture from the bottom are the picture of American made Stutenbeckrs which Soviet Union used under land lease, and the 1st picture from the bottom are the picures of KV-1 russian made tanks with Russian people greeting it =),

  10. There was always only going to be one winner and that was The Mighty Red Army ! Battered the Nazi dogs into the ground..

  11. Yes their had been collaboration. But: This seems like a bunch of recycled propaganda photos. The Nazis had a strong propaganda machines, many of thoose pictures may be staged. By the way, the last photos on page 4. their you mixed up naziphotos with sovietphotos. You can clearly see Sovietsoldiers on a soviet tank, with distinctive Headprotection of soviet tankdrivers. In the picture under it, are sovietsoldiers in the american studebaker-truck. The last picture even shows britishtanks, look like british Cromwelltanks or Churchilltanks to me.
    Get your facts straight.

  12. Here is a quote from the Reichskommissar of Ukraine Erich Koch:

    “We are a master race, which must remember that the lowliest German worker is racially and biologically a thousand times more valuable than the population here”.
    — Erich Koch, March 5th 1943

    What do you think of that Ukranian neo nazies?

  13. Interesting debate, over which system is worse, communism or NAZI regime? Stalin’s dictatorship and repressions are not communism, though. He isn’t a Russian too. Also, please remember that people in the Western Ukraine (who warmly greet German soldiers) have never been victims of Holodomor. Simply, they were under Polish rule at the time of the famine. Also, during the famine died not only people of Ukrainian ethnicity, but many Russians too. It cannot be classified as a selective punishment of Ukrainian people. It’s obvious, that many Ukrainian nationalists have collaborators of NAZIs, and committed crimes against humanity with brutal massacres of Jews and Poles. These atrocities cannot be merely downplayed as a struggle for independece, or anger towards Russians.

  14. kHM !!!! Three last pics IS WRONG!!
    Last picture -Britisch Churchill tanks , served in Red Army !!!
    And higher AFTER war era -T-54 or T-55 !!!

  15. Of course Ukrainians were happy to be occupied by Germans! Who would not be? Just 2 years before, at least in Western Ukraine, which was occupied by the Soviet Union, communists took all private property from everybody, and killed everybody who protested!
    I challenge anybody, who has any private property, like a house, an apartment, a car: suppose a foreign country occupies your own country, and takes this house, or apartment, whatever, from you, without even compensating you a penny for it.
    Then another foreign country takes over, AND GIVES IT ALL BACK TO YOU!
    Anybody who says he would not be happy,

  16. It was not that they liked the Germans all that much, but more about how much they hated the Soviets. After the war all those Soviet liberated countries did not feel that liberated as well. People sacrificed their lives to run away to the west.

  17. В Крыму так же встречали бурятов в 2014,. Прошло два года… Разгон минтигующих казаков!!!, пенсионеров, учителей, медиков.


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