8 thoughts on “Spring Road in Omsk”

  1. By 2030 Russia is planning to do a manned flight to the Moon.

    And Russian tanks and machine guns are the best in the world.

    • De-icing of roads will Damage the asphalt on Russian roads. But Canadian and American roads will be fine.
      Everybody knows how Russians build their roads.

  2. This is typical patched road, built 50 years ago (with low quality) and then patched 10 times over because of low cost. In the long run it is cheaper to build new quality road than patching the bad one 10 times. In the winter ice gets in the cracks on the road and when it thaws the ice turns into water which has lower density than ice so since it has to go somewhere it forces those cracks to expand more and more and makes 20 new holes for 10 patched ones and it goes like that for infinity. It is cheaper to build new high quality road and taking good care of it.


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