13 thoughts on “Russian Marines from SPUTNIK Regiment”

  1. Young guys. When they become old and when Russia would not need them anymore they would be discharged from the army, get $400 pensions each and would live in poverty and misery in their concrete holes in the middle of the country with dilapidated infrastructure, degraded healthcare, but still ruled by Putin and his friends.

    • This due to corruption and also Ukraine had an idea that they do not need a very strong army, as in in times of need they there expecting help from the “big brother” – Russia. So the Ukrainian army in principle was systematically degraded over many years. And BTW – you are comparing this elite/special unit with some ordinary soldiers (and it is not clear if the they are the regular ones or some volunteers).

  2. So these are the guys invading ukraine? I think the NAF forces would whoop these guys good. Even the ukies put up more of a fight. Maybe we need a few pics of NAF soldiers next.. the best of the best.. They picked the best nato had to offer into body bags.

  3. i live in usa but am a real russian. wene im older im going to join the russiana army. these guys are awesome go RUSSIA!!!!. ZA PUTINA!!!!!!!!!!!!

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