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  1. Imagine if these young and strong men could do something useful. They could have built roads or houses or produced some goods by working in a factory. They could have been working in a restaraunt cooking and serving food to people. They could have been inventing or designing some new devices to make life more comfortable. Instead they rehearse killing of people in Ukraine.

    • Imagine a guy called Ed Brown. No wife, no kids. Just hate. He hates Russia, he hates Eastern Europe. But above all, he hates himself. Although he hates Russia, he still needs to go to this site to take a peak. Like a pervert on a school yard. He watches again and again, and then he writes a comment. In the hope someone will respond. Here you are my friend. Some people do care about you. XOXOXOX

      • Seems that when you criticize Russian invading politics, you don’t like Russia. And you are automatically a US agent. Unfortunately, the world is not that simple, little guy. You can love Russia, and perfectly criticize and despise its politics, just because of that !

    • “these young and strong men” serve in the military and defend the interest of their people and country, whereas their “young and strong” peers build roads or houses or produce some goods by working in a factory etc.

      and they are not just “killing people in ukraine”, they are defending the russian-speaking population here in ukraine (i’m from donetsk myself) in our struggle for independence and self-rule. most people here are openly, vocally and actively pro-russian and wherever you see our rebels and russian volunteers coming down the street, you see local people greeting them and chanting “spasibo!” (thank you!) or “molodtsy!” (well done!), men shaking their hands, women embracing them and blessing them with the sign of a cross, even girls making selfies with them and wishing them well.  when on february 23 we were celebrating defender of the fatherland day on the lenin square here in donetsk, both our rebels and russians who came here were treated as heroes, and everybody, even the old women, thanked them and urged them to fight to the last stand, until the victory is won. those who blame russia should come here to our land and see that with their eyes. to those living here every Russian who comes to help them is seen as a brother, a hero, a saviour.

      • Well : it’s not the claim for independence that I don’t like, it’s the way it’s done: with the intervention of a foreign country, despite its word on several international treaties, AND with wrong reasons (there has NEVER been any danger for Russian-speaking people in Ukraine: I have been here and never saw any problem, in any part of the country. All my Ukrainian Russian-speaking friends tell me the same thing). There are democratic ways to part away. Look at Czech Republic and Slovakia, Montenegro and Serbia, Scotland and Great Britain, Quebec and Canada, Wallonia and Flanders. War is NEVER a good way to part.

        Now, don’t worry : you’ll have your independence, sooner or later. But in a ruined country because you chose the wrong way to do it. Wish you all the best !

        • Wow Alain, your lies are reaching Orwellian proportions now, but it is easy to knock them down, which will be educational for anyone who visits this thread , so in this spirit, ‘thank you’. Yes, it really is a shame when foreign powers intervene in the affairs of sovereign states like….Russia does! 😀 How about Jugoslavia, Serbia, Af-Pak, Irak, Libya, Syria, Yemen…should I continue? Who did that? The Russians? Who fomented the Orange Revolution in the Ukraine in 2004? Was that Russia? Just another CIA colour revolution in a long string of such ‘interventions’. Vicky Nuland, US Ass Secretary of State for Europe, publically stated in December last year that the US had invested 5 billion dollars in regime change in the Ukraine. Her leaked phone conversations has her choosing the new gov’t- ‘Yats’ was in while ‘Klitsch’ was out. 😀 Was that Vlad? Talking about agreements, how about that agreement between 3 Euro foreign ministers and Yanukovich to share power with the opposition, signed on Feb 21st and agreed to by all sides? And the next day the Gladio snipers opened fire on both sides of the Maidan, negating the agreement and ushering in the West’s coup d’etat? We have the Estonian Foreign Minister on tape telling the EU chief diplomat this in the link below. Was that the ‘foreign power’ you were referring to in your post, or did you mean to implicate Russia in that somehow? These facts are a matter of public record, so you can spare us your lies- or are you without shame as well as a brain? Here is the link:

          or here, with all of the murdered civilians that you ‘didn’t see’:


          @Anton: Good luck, bro. Fight the Power!

          • Seems you don’t follow my posts here. I ALWAYS said that the US and UK were as wrong as Russia in Iraq, and France in Libya (I’m French, by the way). Putin, Bush, Sarkozy and Blair ALL deserve ICJ for their crimes. And I really hope they will ALL get it, as they really deserve it…

            Now your turn to make me laugh with your Gladio snipers. Shows where your sick mind come from. I’ll stop here, I have reached what I wanted 🙂

            • I have the feeling that I am talking past you, but once again, the ICJ isn’t for the West, it’s to hold show trials for the enemies of the West. Again, the US does not even recognise its authority. Did you understand this time- perhaps it is a language barrier? I am pleased that you condemn those people as war criminals, now extrapolate and follow the trail to the Ukraine in order to find them at work again. It is not a secret- they speak about it publicly. It is policy. Read Zbigniew Brzezinski. Listen to Victoria Nuland talk about it at a Chevron conference and on a leaked phone call in the links I have provided. If Putin were to withdraw from the Crimea and the eastern republics surrender tomorrow, these neo con/nazi forces would roll up on the Russian border and the policy of tension would continue. Or maybe you are one of those people who believe that the missile defence system in eastern Europe is really for Iran??? This conflict isn’t about the Ukraine- they want Russia. By the way, don’t kill the messenger. Now is your chance to learn something about Gladio:




            • alain, it weren’t we, the people of donbass, who started shelling our own apartment blocks, factories, kindergartens etc. with grads in response to our pro-federalism protests, when thousands of unarmed people took to the streets and stood for their right to self-rule and self-determination. we didn’t make the first shot, all we did was to protest against the unelected government which had come to power in a coup d’état, plunged ukraine into chaos and was violating our rights. it were turchinov and his clique in kiev that refused to negotiate with our people, labelled the protesters as “terrorists”, carried out numerous arrests here, arrested our elected governor and sent troops to crush the protests and install their puppet in our region. they sparked the war at the time when nobody in donbass believed that our protests would EVER lead to any bloodshed. even today, during the ceasefire, they are still carrying out attacks and provocations against us, bringing numerous “amendments” to the minsk agreements, putting more troops on the border, shooting at us and destroying apartment blocks (like in this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ob-5giKbAmI). all we have to do in a situation like this is to defend ourselves, shoot back and ask our russian brothers and the un to help us and put an end to this bloodshed.

  2. In an ideal world you would be right. Unfortunately Russia needs an army to protect it from NATO, the hammer of the international bankers who have installed a fascist putsch government in Kiev which is now murdering its own people in the eastern Ukraine. Russia doesn’t intend to end up like the DPR/LPR, Af-Pak, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Yugoslavia….should I continue? Eta Pravda.

    • Well, the sarcasm of the first two sentences is obvious. Then it gets spoilt by KGB (whatever they call it these days).

    • Have you ever heard of SPAG, Grand Hotel Astora in St Petersburg, raw material against food deals, Ozero cooperative, etc. ?

      Putin does not want to protect Russia from NATO. Putin wants to protect himself as long as possible from Russian anger against its numerous thefts of national properties…

      If Russkiy Mir is indeed a world of institutionalized theft, then no wonder other countries do not want it…

      • I have heard of these things. The SPAG related criminal charges against Putin were all dropped. The Ozero Cooperative may or may not belong to the nepotism and corruption that belongs to politics at the national level in all countries- just think about the Bush/Clinton crime syndicate or the Black Nobility in Europe. Putin isn’t an angel; however he is not a part of the International Bankster Mafia that is destroying, raping and pillaging countries around the world in support of USD fiat money. Tell me what country Russia has attacked during Putin’s time in office? And now, what about the US/NATO block? Ukraine is destroyed- Putin is making sure that Russia is not next. Eta Pravda.

        • SPAG charges dropped, just at the moment Putin arrived in Moscow. How strange, isn’t it ?

          Not a word about the raw material against food deal ? Several millions of dollars disappeared… And there is much more to say about Putin’s whereabouts in the past years. Not yet finished to get informations about it, but it will come 🙂

          Beside this, when you say he is not part of the International Bankster Mafia, seems you are missing some things. Don’t you know about the roots of Bank Rossiya ? Of Dresdner Bank in Russia ? Putin is not an angel, but he is also far worse than many western leaders (Berlusconi and Bush Jr excepted :D) Like Bush (Iraq), Sarkozy (Libya) and Blair (Iraq), he deserves some time at ICJ…

          • As a westerner I am far more concerned about the criminals who are running our countries as they pose a threat to not only our civilisation but indeed the world. Maybe we should focus on them instead of Putin, a leader with an 85% approval rate among his constituents and the respect of the world. Dresdner Bank scandal? Please. How about the coup d’etat, gold heist and massive bond scandal that was the false flag 9/11 attack and which launched the fake War on Terror? How about the Anglo-American fiat money banksters who are the driving force behind ongoing the destruction of countless nations like Greece and the Ukraine? When are these people going to be brought to justice? What has Russia done that compares to that? I see that you forgot to mention Boris Yeltsin in your list of corrupt leaders and war criminals. Typical. The most corrupt post-Soviet leader but he’s ok because he gave away the country to Goldman-Sachs and the Rothschild oligarchs for a song, while giving the Americans free reign in the region. Your kind of Russian leader, huh? BTW, mentioning the ICJ is the height of cynicism. When was the last time a westerner was in the dock there? When are we going to see Barry Obama there…..oh yeah, the Americans don’t recognise its legitimacy, so never.

            • Seems that you are an adept of the conspiracy theory. You have found friends in the Russian government…

              Of course I should have included Yeltsin in the list, indeed. Corrupt, definitely. War criminal, much less than Putin (even, not really, as I don’t remember any war he waged). But he is dead now, so what’s the purpose ?

              Regarding the banksters, don’t worry : I don’t like them either and they should be judged too. But this does not absolve Putin to be a thief, warmonger and war criminal…

              I speak of mere facts, not of conspiracies…

              • Conspiracy Theorist? Please. When you have to resort to that term then you have lost the argument. Sorry to remind you but it is no longer 2001, its 2015 and such cheap smear tactics no longer work. We’re not on CNN here- there’s no gov’t script and we are free to use our intellect and reason to analyse the world around us. You will have to do better than that, soldier because the facts are out there in the public domain. BTW, the first Chechen War in the 90s was Yeltsin’s baby. There, I’ve done your research for you this time, but you will have to do some of the work yourself as you’re not going to defeat my arguments with ad hominem attacks alone. Eta Pravda. 🙂

                  • Oh my, hardly worth my time, aren’t you? You’re going to have to dig a little deeper than that if you want to make an impression, troop.

    • Russia does not need anything to protect itself against NATO. NATO is defensive block. European countries do not plan to invade Russia.

      • Russia did not attack Georgia. Georgia, with support from NATO and Israel attacked South Ossetia, after which Russia COUNTER-attacked, throwing the Georgians out. The Russians then withdrew from Georgian territory. The Georgians were the aggressors. Secondly, the Russians have not attacked the Ukraine- that assertion is groundless. The Russians had a Status of Forces Agreement with the Ukraine to station 25,000 troops on the Crimea. These troops ensured that the people of the Crimea could have a referendum on re-uniting with Russia, after the coup d’etat in Kiew by a fascist bankster gang. Lastly, NATO is not a defensive block, it is the hammer of the international banksters, just ask the Libyans or the Serbs about that. Contact your section leader for more information on these subjects.

        • Seems you forget a small detail : South Ossetia IS Georgia. How can you be aggressor on your own territory ?

          Or, you will acknowledge with the fact that, in the same situation, Russia was aggressor in Chechnya 😉

          Regarding the Russian troops in Crimea, you forgot one small details : in the 25000 troops (which was a maximum, by the way) were not to get out of their limited territories. They did.

          And, again, there was no referendum in Crimea, according to the world community. Crimea is currently occupied by Russia. It will indeed remain so, but will be considered by most countries in the world as a no-man’s land, with all disadvantages that go along with it 🙂

          I see you know perfectly well your Russian propaganda. Good boy 😉

          • “Seems you forget a small detail : South Ossetia IS Georgia”

            oh really, you better come to south ossetia and try to tell that to its citizens. 😉 georgia lost control over the rebellious territories of abkhazia and south ossetia in the early 1990s (the conflict began as early as in 1989), waged wars both against abkhazia (in 1992-93 and 1998) and south ossetia (in 1991-92, 2004) in order to force them back under its control, then invaded south ossetia in 2008, after attacking and killing the russian peacekeepers stationed there. unsurprisingly, russia did not ignore this act of aggression and responded with harsh measures – it came to help its peacekeepers and defeated the invading georgian troops, then proclaimed the independence of both abkhazia and s. ossetia, which are now totally pro-russian and have a large number of people having russian citizenship.

  3. @CZenda- Was your comment directed at me? It’s not really clear, but if it was, let me assure you that I wasn’t being sarcastic. BTW, the FSB replaced the KGB a long time ago- maybe you should turn off your TV and start reading for a change. 🙂

    • No, South Ossetia is not Georgia, nor was it in 2008. That is false. Now, do I have to school you on the CIA colour revolutions, like the one that occurred in Georgia to put Saakashvili into power? Must we discuss his backers and handler’s? Are you really in support of a lunatic who almost ignited a nuclear war? Let’s agree that Russia’s wars in Chechnya were wrong- they should have let Chechnya go in the spirit of self-determination. I also agree with you that the Russian soldiers were confined to specific areas according to the SOFA. The detail that you are forgetting is that the West launched a coup d’etat which ousted the legal President of the Ukraine, with the help of NATO trained GLADIO snipers and armed agent provocateurs and killers. The Russian soldiers were deployed to prevent these criminals from disrupting the referendum in the Crimea- which isn’t any less legitimate than the one which took place in Kosovo and was backed by the West through their military campaign against Serbia. One only has to look at the massacre in Odessa to see what could have happened in Crimea without this protection. Are you really in the corner of the Kiew fascists?? The money must be good but your karma is going to suffer for it, my friend.

  4. The globalist, the true controllers,
    are pushing the West against Russia
    and China, because they are not going
    alone with the N.W.O.
    And it will make no difference if Putin
    is good or bad, after a nuclear exchange.
    The globalist are preparing for a nuclear war,
    not only will it reduce the world population
    that they want, but it will put them in control
    of the world. Yes, they are insane.

    • You have been watching too many youtube videos,there is no New World Order!The only N.W.O was that wrestling thing that Hulk Hogan did back in the 90’s!

  5. @English Russia admin – Why did you censor my last comment in reply to Alain? It was polite and logical in response to his questions. Have I violated your political guidelines by defending Pres. Putin and Russia? Just curious. Viel Glück, Rossiya- still love this site and the country. BP

  6. ed brown, CZenda, Tutan Camon and myself
    We are JIDF/NSA paid Trools, so sorry folks, we are here in Every Englishrussia page, and our task is to Blame Russia and Putin for everything !
    Even for 2 Millions of dead Iraqis and use of Depleted Uranium ammo by USAF in Iraq .

    • Speak for yourself. May be you are a “paid tool”, I am not.

      It is not USAF but Iraqis themselves are killing each
      other. Americans gave them freedom and this is how these savages
      are using their freedom. You mention depleted uranium because
      this is what Russian propaganda used to demonize Americans.
      In fact depleted uranium can only be used anti-tank shells.
      So, only those who are using tanks can complain against it.

      • This is precisely the kind of ‘freedom’ that Russia does not want from NATO and their bankster bosses. The Americans have used/use depleted uranium munitions in Iraq, Afhanistan, Kuwait, Jugoslavia- where ever they are in action. Their A-10’s use DU munition human targets- not just tanks. Stop spreading your lies here- you are a war monger, a paid shill and the real ‘savage’.

      • @ed brown, you must have depleted uranium in your brain.

        Take the log out of your American eye first so that you may see the log in your Russian brother’s eye.

        Your country USA, your government specifically, is the #1 killer of foreigners since WW2.

        What garbage are you reading that leads you to believe Russia is not acting defensively in this conflict?

        Did you know the people in eastern Ukraine are ethnic Russians? There is no such thing as a ethnic American, you’re all a recent mix of many different people but imagine if Americans living in Mexico (I know they currently don’t) were treated the way the Russians are being treated in eastern Ukraine, WOULD THE US GOVERNMENT SIT ON IT THUMB AND JUST PROVIDE ARMS TO THE ABUSED AMERICANS IN MEXCIO OR WOULD THE USG GO IN AND KICK @SS??

        • Acting defensively ? What a joke 😀 “Defensively” in a foreign country, that’s “attacking”.

          By the way, people in eastern Ukraine (and south-western Russia) are ethnic Ukrainian speaking Russian. Very different 😀 And I still wait for any proofs regarding any bad treatments on Ukrainian people from Ukrainian government. I only see bad treatments from Russian army on Ukrainian people…

          By the way, where is you cherished leader ? How about his stolen billions, which brought Russia to the level of a third world country (no tap water, bad roads, bad healthcare infrastructures, etc.) ?

          • Don’t worry Bob, history is not Alain’s strong point as he freely admits. Let me spoon feed you Alain, since you have been ‘waiting’ for proof of ‘bad treatments’. When you see privately-funded, neo-nazi/mercenary brigades proudly displaying SS insignia, like the SS runes, the 2nd SS Panzer Wolfsangel, the Dirlewanger Brigade crest and the swastika, they are not the good guys. These are the irregulars who are doing the house-to-house dirty work for the Kiew regime, killing innocent civilians and committing atrocities against the freedom fighters. If your WW2 history is a little blurry or simply blank, go back and research the background of the above mentioned units. Proof of the crimes committed by these current Ukrainian Nazis is all over the internet and they are not shy about displaying their colours- they are proud. I accept your thanks in advance for this history lesson. Tell your section leader that playing dumb and blind is not going to win the info war. BP 🙂

                • I don’t say it. RT says it :
                  These guys are well known extreme-rightists in France, and will be well received if they come back alive. Of course, they are not alone fighting for the LNR/DNR. They have plenty of friends with them, from other European countries AND Russia…

                  And for the Russian part :
                  They are far more numerous in Russia (almost 12% at 2011 elections) than in Ukraine (about 3% at the 2014 elections).

                  And you may also not want to remember that Putin befriends with ALL extreme right political parties in Europe. Even financing them. Funny that an antifascist like fascist parties 😀

                  Now, you can go back to your kennel 🙂

                  • You are French and it’s not your business. If not people like you there would be no war in the Ukraine. The blood of children on your hands, Judas. Some day arab friends will avenge you for all the oppression and kick you in the trash, also like idiots Charly

    • Alain, please stop embarrassing yourself here. The fascists are fighting for the Kiew Putsch regime under the banner of Stepan Bandera and the Waffen SS colours and are being supported by right-wing NATO/Gladio forces as they have been since the Second World War. Kiev is Fascist; DPR and LPR is Antifa. Can’t make it any simpler for you- think Spanish Civil War. Please show me evidence that Nazis are fighting for the Anti-Nazi’s, as I’m afraid your word on this like so many other things is not enough. I won’t hold my breath, but even a picture will do. Once again, some evidence of Nazis fighting against Nazis AND on the side of hardcore Antifa forces. Even I’m starting to feel a little sorry for you- you are ridiculous. We can agree that there are all kinds of Nazis in Russia. Where you are wrong, or lying rather, is your claim that the Nazis are on the side of Putin. We both know that this is not true. When the West attempts to destroy Russia with yet another colour revolution it will be from the right flank, with some right-wing demagogue. Russia is a multi-ethnic country which cannot and will not be held together by Russian nationalism, quite the contrary, it would be destroyed by it. Putin does not support Russian nationalism, he is a patriot who is trying to prevent Russian from being balkanised, which is the geopolitical goal of the West. Your claim that Russia financially supports such parties in the West is groundless, to be kind.

      • Stop with that, you are pathetic ! I gave you the link to RT (!!!!) and videos taken in Moscow, and you still deny them. Enquiries have been done in France about these guys fighting for DNR/LNR, and their neo-nazi background is impressive. And, of course, the support of Moscow for neo-nazi/fascist/extreme right political parties in Europe is official, public and well documented. Just one exemple here :
        (but there are tens of them, only on these 4 French fascist fools fighting for the DNR/LNR)

        Regarding the percentages of votes in elections, they are public and easy to check…

        There is no worse than the blind who do not want to see. But you are forgiven: you’ve been lobotomized by Putin…

        • One last thing to view in your kennel, little dog :


          Don’t you recognize someone on this pic ? And

          • The picture collage of the Russian National Unity party and Pavel Gubarev is old and pre-dates the conflict in the Ukraine. You won’t find Nazi insignia in the Novorossiya ranks because it is not a Nazi movement- they wear the St. Georges ribbon and the Cross of St. Andrew. You are being dishonest again but I’m not doing this for you in any case. PG was no longer affiliated with the RNUP, but was rather a member of a socialist party at the time of the coup d’etat in Kiew and is no longer even active in politics. Not to forget, the people of Donetsk elected him governor in REACTION to the illegal coup d’etat in the capitol. Unfortunately in the real world, cause and effect is important so we have to look at who started this whole mess. Pravi Sektor? Sloboda Party? This coup of Banderist Nazis began by banning Russian as an official language of the Ukraine. They then launched a war of extermination and ethnic cleansing in Novorossiya after beginning a terror campaign in the west, which included acts like the massacre in Odessa. Before this the ethnic Russians in Novorossiya were content to remain in the Ukraine- they felt themselves to be Ukrainians. Then look at Gubarev’s platform- a rejection of the coup gov’t and a call for a referendum in the Donetsk region to have a legitimate gov’t. Is that Nazi? Where is the race-based agenda there? Where are the atrocities? There were undoubtably people with Russian nationalist sentiments in eastern Ukraine before this conflict, but they were in the minority. Are you shocked now that pro-Russian sentiment and nationalism has increased there, after the people have been subjected to a campaign of annihilation by an illegal regime that wants to disenfranchise BECAUSE of their ethnicity and enslave them? Finally, the goal of the Novorossiya forces is liberation. They have no designs to conquer new territory and subjugate unwilling citizens- unlike the Kiew Junta. So, who are the Nazis here?

        • The RT link gives no information to indicate that the French volunteers are right-wing- quite the opposite. Sorry, your claims of enquiries doesn’t impress me either. As for the article, I don’t read French- should I send you some sources in German? 😉 Furthermore, the ‘right’ in Europe has always been run by the CIA and the other intelligence agencies. The neo-nazis are their sock puppets on the one hand; the Islamists are on the other but that is another story. Just ask me about who runs the neo-Nazis here in Germany- they are run by an outside power….and no, its not Russia. This isn’t about Putin or the Ukraine. In the end, I want to have a sovereign Germany that will be able to trade and work with countries like Russia and France in order to build a strong and independent Europe. I can tell you that Germans don’t want to be played into serving as cannon-fodder in the East again, but this time for Monsanto, Chevron and Hunter Biden. But the powers that be are pushing for this very hard here, I only hope that smarter people in Germany and France will see through the propaganda before a tactical error could trigger a catastrophe. Watch this, maybe you will find it funny:


  7. Let’s be honest, everything Russia has today is thanks to the west. How soon they forget. None of my friends dream of emigrating to the CCCP (except Ed Snowden), how many comrades wish to immigrate to the West?

    • Indeed, Bob 🙂 While Russia could have been a dream for many, it is not, because of outdated world politics and corruption at home…

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