18 thoughts on “New Guns from Zlatoust”

  1. It must be a real pleasure to kill Ukrainians from these submachine guns.
    And I can imagine enjoyment of people who would use these beautiful devices to kill liberals on the streets of Moscow.

      • How many people died in Ferguson?

        What does Hiroshima has to do with what happens now in Ukraine?
        How could you compare third world country like Russia to the
        global leader like United States? This is ridiculous.
        Japanese love America and understand that nuclear bombing saved
        many Japanese lives. Many more would have died if Americans
        tried to capture Japan using conventional methods.

    • Just remember how Ukrainians Nazist Torched Innocent demonstrants in Odessa Trade Unions House!

      Unarmed People are beaten, Stabbed, and some of them are Shoot in the head and then Torched in fire blaze!
      Only Ukrainian Nazist can do that!!!

      • Phrases like “Ukranian Nazist”, “Innocent demonstrants”
        reveal who you are. Anybody who read about this subject and tried to understand what really happened, know that the “Innocent demonstrant” we thugs from Russia and local criminals, who tried to create havoc in Odessa by assaulting people. When they were cornered and chased into one of the buildings, this building started burning
        (nobody knows what happened, may be those who were in the building accidentally set it to fire, since they were throwing Molotov cocktails at the crowd near the building). Many of those who died there, died from smoke poisoning. There was no deliberate killing, it was an accident.

        • ed brown I know that you are happy that Gorbachev ruined USSR and are gloating over it but the fact that you are ignoring the fact that they were burned on purpose reveals who you are deep down. A nazi.

  2. A medicine breakthrou, some high tech hardware, stunning scientifical acheivement?

    No, just guns and missery, all homo-sovieticus can do.

  3. Soo, yet again the mighty russkie, till hate everything western ( US a.k.a ”pendoskoe” ) copying and buy from them. Yeah i know it is not M4 or AR15 copy paste .. but still.

      • The Romans copied most of their weapons from other peoples and were quite proud of it. Showed that they didn’t have the “not invented here” syndrome.

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