Preschool Kids Weapons Education

Preschool  Kids Weapons Education

In one of the preschool facilities of St. Petersburg the soldier has started a class of how to use the weapons for kids. He has brought the weapons, including AK-47s, grenade launchers and hand grenades. The man says that “Kids should not be afraid of the arms, get used to them early”. A few more photos inside:

Preschool  Kids Weapons Education

According to the news source kids said they liked the idea too and were very excited in taking the photos with guns and grenades.

Preschool  Kids Weapons Education

Preschool  Kids Weapons Education


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      • oh god, englishrussia should stop posting anything even REMOTELY related to war – there are idiots and psychos here who will become hysteric and blame russia for having its military forces, starting military exercises, producing any weapons, printing books about them etc.

        to all those morons who are obsessed with bashing russia: what you see here is not a common practice in russia (there was an old tradition of retired officers teaching youth how to be responsible around guns, how to handle them safely, what a hand grenade is and how it works… but this tradition is almost dead), the children were not brainwashed, taught to hate or kill anybody. and there is no military use of children in russia.

        you can see same things in the usa, where it is called “teaching gun safety”:

        • I guess we should start preparing our kids to WW3 as it looks pretty inevitable. Thanks in advance for it, Russians.

          • WW3? Oh, come on! It is big challenge for Putin to invade another Ukrainian village or airport. There is a large amount of armchair warriors. But they are not ready for real fight and death for nothing.

          • don’t thank us. so far, we haven’t done anything to start it. the fact that russia is secretly supporting its people fighting for their independence in south-eastern ukraine (i’m from donetsk myself) doesn’t mean it will somehow spark a new world war or even trigger a military conflict between russia and any nato member.

      • ” only in Russia”

        BS. It’s exactly the same in Captain America; children play with guns and accidentally shoot each other with regular intervals.

      • Its very important that citizens know how to defend them self and their people. To learn the history and about heritace.

        Its got nothing to do with brainwashing…

      • The safest neighborhoods are the best armed ones. One has to use emotion and political correctness in place of logic and facts to believe otherwise. A well armed milita is the sane replacement for militaries. It is because a well armed milita is the sane replacement for militaries that well armed militias are outlawed and governments demand militaries instead.

        • You should visit more countries in Western Europe, where private guns are strictly controlled (and therefore, mostly forbidden). They are MUCH SAFER than many places with guns in the US. Just compare the murder rates between Germany and the US for example. No : private guns are NOT good…

            • Switzerland is an exception, because it is connected to the military service in the country. It is mandatory to have your military gun at home, but you are liable to the State with its use (you cannot use it to defend yourself but only as part of your duty as a conscript).

              No comparison possible with the US…

              • Thanks VM, but I think everybody already knows that Swiss reservists have their service weapon at home. Switzerland, is no exception as you claim, as it is in the top 5 private guns country in the world.

          • I disagree with you my friend, im from mexico and guns are controlled and mostly forbidden here, and still the murder rate here is really high, i think guns are not the problem, the problem is people usingg them irresponsably, we have it in our nature, if we dont have guns for killing, we will use rocks, if we dont have rocks we will use our hands, guns are just tools humans use, the first step for a safer world is change ourselves and not blame other things but ourselves for the things that happen. Again thats just my opinion.

  1. Not cool at all! Resembles those kids of jihadists that are trained from their early years to kill other people! Looks like Russians are fed up with so many years of peace and looking forward for some shit to hit the fan finally. Great nation but with so fucked up authorities!!!

      • I think you are seeing the situation backwards. Russia is keeping the U.S. which is operated by israel from sinking the world in deep-s*&t.

        • Joe, perhaps you are righ. I’m not American nor Russian, but look at this from different angle – Russia has so many natural resources, that they should have one of the highest GDP per capita in the world and all they have is the biggest amount of very few people that are filthy rich while all the others are extremely poor without any chance for getting better. Now look how an ordinary western family lives. See the difference? And now their government is trying to join another lands (Crimea for example) and whats in it for a normal Russian except that their brothers loses lives?! All because some Hitler-like shithead has his ambitions? Think about it, even if US is sinking the world in deep shit, I’d ratger live in this world than the one ran by Russia.

  2. West of Putler´s Paradise, it is usually firemen (warning against playing with lighters and extinguishing a demonstration fire), policemen (explaining how to cross the street safely and showing trained dogs) or nurses (explaining the basics of first aid and warning against too many sweets and Coke) who visit the kindergartens.

    • Agree with you sir,kids at the early aged had never realize about the killer machine they’re handling about..”what the brilliant idea”…sad

  3. ~ According to the news source kids said they liked the idea too and were very excited in taking the photos with guns and grenades.

    Makes you wonder how those kids will feel if those guns fire at them, or those grenades explode right next to them .. This is crazy beyond reasoning, or well-prepared military training, depending on how you look at it.

  4. What’s the problem?

    Military propaganda is bad, yes. But in the rare instance where you might need to know how to properly and safely use a weapon, I would rather know how to use one than die.

    No different than anything else that is dangerous. Teach people proper safety and use at a young age and they’re less likely to have an “accident” if or when they encounter weapons later in life.

  5. I’m Russian and I never heard about this kinda classes in preschool or school in Russia. It sounds terrible to me. When I came to the US I saw the real gun first time in my live and learned about shooting in schools.

  6. Nice, thats the spirit!!! show them how to handle the Kalashnikov when they are 4-5 years old! that way they will be able to kill and rape everyone standing in their way at 13!

  7. Guns are just tools, and tools cannot harm others.
    It’s people. The more educated you are about guns, the less accidents and violence will occur.

    Get over it. Guns are tools in the educated hands.

  8. To be honest: it is NOT common practise in Russia of military lessons in kindergarten. It was private initiative of one officer, 31 years old major Vitaliy. He is father of one of these boys. The only military lesson was dedicated to Defender of the Fatherland Day 23 Feb. Event made stormy discussions in russian social nets.

  9. Ouch … Quite a few hystericals here that should not get their knickers in a twist over so little …

    Most regiments have “open doors” days where the general public, and yes that also includes children, can come & handle all sort of weapons and military hardware under the supervision of military personel.

    It is a common practice the world over, far from a “Russian” exclusivity, no big deal …

    Except maybe a tin-foil hat wearing paranoid deluded liberal, I can not really believe anybody could kick such non-sense about it… Get Real !!


  11. Safety through education! I was taught how to responsibly use firearms, at a young age. My children were, as well. Guns are simply tool, they can be used to do good or bad things. Children raised around guns generally handle them MUCH safer than adults who are new to them.

  12. Firearms education is essential to the freedom of one’s country. A free people are armed, slaves are not. For those of you who criticize America for gun ownership, that is our inherent right, and it is protected by our Constitution. It is none of your business what we do!The main reason we own guns is to protect us from tyranny and criminals in government, as well as from common street criminals. Hundreds of millions of defenseless people around the world have been tortured and murdered by their own governments.You may disagree, but when you or your family and friends become victims, then you will finally understand…if you are still alive!

    • At the price of the highest murder rate in civilized countries…

      How do you think other countries deal with that ? Are we tortured by our own government ? Murdered ? Enslaved ? Under tyranships ? Not at all. Weapons are not mandatory for the freedom, not at all. And one day will happen that they will be forbidden in the US, too…

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