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  1. Is this how they “defend their homes”? Defend from peace? They are the “resident civil rebels”? Not the professional russian invaders?

    Very threatening, as a hungarian I can ask just one thing. If Ukraine fall these guys will come here too?

    • Oli, according to the latest intelligence, these rebels will come to Hungary as soon as they liberate Papua New Guinea from Indonesian oppression and create the independent state of Tamil Eelam in Sri Lanka, so it seems that you still have a bit of time to dig a trench around your home’s perimeter and build a nice machine-gun nest out of papier mache.

      Jokes aside, these people wearing old uniforms are actually “not the professional Russian invaders” (some of them are even well-known among the locals) and have virtually nothing to do with Hungary or any other country outside Ukraine, and there is nothing surprising about the fact that they use a number of captured Ukrainian D-30 howitzers from the 1960s in order to defend against incoming infantry attacks and artillery strikes. The weapons they have in their possession are identical to those deployed by the Ukrainian Army.

      “If Ukraine fall these guys will come here too?”

      Common sense tells us that Ukraine cannot “fall”, since the ongoing armed conflict there is limited only to the territory of the rebellious, Russian-speaking and pro-Russian Donbass.

  2. “Is this how they “defend their homes”? Defend from peace? They are the “resident civil rebels”? Not the professional russian invaders?”

    Exactly. They are local citizens, armed by “voentorg”, and they are shelling back at ukrainian army and nationalist paramilitary groups, who shelled their homes in Donetsk in Luhansk since summer. Its payback time.

  3. oh dear, why i can not find any artillery equipment, or tanks, or at least bunker fluided with ak”s ammo, to start my own republic 😀 Ukraine army already destroyed 3x army vehicles, equipment and etc. there were in these lands(donbas, luhansk etc.. ) , before occupation, but rebels still drive brand new tanks… there is a bit of sarcasm in my speech, as much as propaganda’s in Russia..

    • Surprising as it may sound to our teenage ‘experts’, there were much more than 3 armoured vehicles there in Donbass, and those “brand new tanks” are actually nothing but captured (and relatively old) Ukrainian T-64BVs built at the Malyshev Factory in Kharkiv. I keep wondering what happened to your sarcasm when Chechen separatists and Islamists in Russia got thousands of bulletproof vests, machine guns, sniper rifles, land mines, AT missiles, and even a small number of tanks in the 1990s-2000s; somehow this fact slipped past you.

  4. war has shattered many young mans dreams made him disabled
    bitter and mean
    life is much too short and precious to spend fighting wars these days,
    war cant give life it can only take it away

    — Bruce Springsteen


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