From Peace to Pieces in Twenty Seconds: UPDATED



This dash cam video is really short just around 20 seconds, but it might be the most dramatic of all of them. It shows what terror is really like about. Just imagine a car driving on a normal day in a normal residential area in civilized Europe, kids go to school etc. – just your everyday peaceful scene. And then suddenly a few grad missiles fall from the skies right on the road smashing everything around and your peaceful day is not anymore. Really terrifying. And yes, its Ukraine, Mariupol city, previously much unaffected by the shootings, so it was a really unsuspecting peaceful driver in a peaceful area.    Highly recommended to watch:

And here is another video, from the different angle, from the courtyard of the apartment buildings located nearby. Again, those just regular residential complexes that were out of any sort of conflict and didn’t expect things get like this:

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  1. and what is point of killing? it is just stupid. now someone will try to kill them back. where does it end? just live in peace and respect others.

  2. The bus was hit by Russian rocket, launched by pro-Russian separatists (OSCE has already investigated and confirmed this).

    Russians should be very proud that their weapons are so devastating.

    • Any proofs? But official video from ukrainian goverment sayng they shoot his cities with his hands(of course), but ukraine start 3rd mobilization? And then again called to arms and killing terrorists, who just ordinary people, or militia who defend they homes?

      • Seems MAXDMG does not know how to read. Below on this very page, you have the full report of OSCE, which clearly explain that the Russians shot the civilians…

        We cannot ask intelligence from FSB-hired robots…

  3. I think that English Russia should visit one of the factories that produces those marvelously efficient rockets.
    I want to see proud faces of the workes who assemble these things.

    • Shoot ukrainian army on ukrainian people, RF just truing to proof truth, and somehow putin is bad, his starts revolution with mass massacre in kiev? But hey, why EU and USA support antidemokracy, illegal prezident changes, not see ukrainian army crimes? In crimea people can vote and they vote change country if they can’t vote for choose ukrainian prezident. And for that needs sanctions, RF uses legal metods, people can vote in RF, but can’t in ukraine. Where is demokracy in USA and EU? Or demokracy only for they, other people lives don’t?

      • Russian army, shooting Ukrainian civilians. And, the funniest is, they kill their own supporters… Welcome in Russian democracy and peace…

        I’d REALLY love a real, democratic vote in Russia or Eastern Ukraine. That would be a good laugh for you all… But I guess your hero Putin would not love it that much. Which explains why he kills civilians now, with his army and his fascist proxies…

        • Even the Western media that are engaged in their traditional work of stirring up a hysteria campaign against Russia have acknowledged that there are “pro-Russian separatists” there in south-eastern Ukraine, not just some “Russian soldiers”, as it might have seemed to those not familiar with the situation (as a side note, many rebels don’t hide their faces, have their web accounts, and are recognisable by their characteristic Ukrainian accents; there is no way you can deny their existence or brand them as “Russian soldiers”). The ongoing hostilities in Ukraine broke out almost immediately after a Western-supported coup d’état had overthrown the democratically elected government of Yanukovych and installed the pro-Western government of Yatsenyuk in violation of the Ukrainian Constitution. While western, northern, and central Ukrainians were quite satisfied with the change of power, 72,1 and 70,4 per cent of population in the Russian-speaking Donetsk and Luhansk regions regarded the new cabinet as “illegitimate”, “unconstitutional”, and “fascist” (due to its support for ultranationalist gangs and a great intolerance to any opposition), were brought into a state of panic by the abrupt change of policy, acts of vandalism, and seizure of administrative buildings by the raving ultranationalist gangs. They refused to obey the laws of the unelected government, revolted in demand for federalism and decentralisation, repulsed the gangs from spreading the “revolution” in their homeland, disarmed them, and put them to their knees:, (the crowd shouts “Russia! Russia! Russia!”),,,

          It was then that the conflict between the regions burst into the open, and it would be extremely absurd to reduce the whole conflict to a simple “Russian aggression against Ukraine”; the situation is much more complicated. Today it’s clear Russia is trying to secure its closest borders from the ongoing expansion of NATO, provide some sort of autonomy for the Russian and Russian-speaking population of Ukraine, and to hold on access to the Black Sea – there is nothing new, let alone surprising about that, especially in comparison with how some Western countries supported their murderous Islamist “freedom fighters” in Libya and Syria, granted political asylum to Chechen separatists, and used double standards when reporting about the situation in all these countries, including Chechnya. The fact that Russia is supporting its allies in Ukraine despite the sanctions and the dramatic drop in oil prices is a clear sign that security reasons have outweighed the economic ones.

          P.S.: As for the accident on the picture above, more than 4000 citizens of south-eastern Ukraine have been killed by the Ukrainian forces, more than 1,000,000 of Russian or Russian-speaking citizens have fled to Russia to escape errant artillery and air strikes and persecution – something you don’t hear so much about in the news, obviously. For you one accidental shot fired off by some rebel seems to be more important than dozens of pro-Russian protesters burned alive in Odessa or a million shots fired at the population of south-eastern Ukraine by the Ukrainian military.

          P.P.S.: It is also worth mentioning that a large part of what is now Ukraine had always belonged to Russia before it was ceded to the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic by the government of the USSR – namely, Dnepropetrovsk, Mykolaiv, Kirovohrad, Odessa, Kherson, Kharkov, Simferopol, Sebastopol, Chuhuiv, and the entire territory of Sloboda Ukraine (one of its oldest cities, Tzarev-Borisov, dating back to 1599, was named after the Tzar Boris I Godunov), etc. Even the Mariyinsky Palace, the official ceremonial residence of the President of Ukraine, was built by the orders of the Russian Empress Elizabeth I.

          • Russian trolls always have loads of “facts”. Nothing new. Sad to see it works and so many people are brainwashed by Russian propaganda and these trolls. Now you get paidd, OperationDunai, but be sure not to get hurt, when your drunk ” not russian terrorists” drops a bomb on your head by mistake someday.

            • Neo-Con trolls always have loads of “facts”. Nothing new. Sad to see it works and so many people are brainwashed by US/Western/Nato propaganda and these trolls.

              Yup, please be sure not to get hurt, when your ”Pro Democracy obviously not-regime changers” stop having any use from you, start making-up pack of lies in front of the UN and either invade you, send a drone to drops a bomb on your head creating untold chaos & misery as long as it serves their own interests.

              Any resemblance to real countries such as Syria, Ukraine, Iraq or Libya, is of course purely not so coincidental.

            • Have we had enough of these hasbara asses? It is past time for the 110th! By the way the coup was not a Nazi coup! ALL THE ACTORS ARE JEWS! ALL THEIR SUPPORT COMES FROM THE U.S. WHICH IS CONTROLLED BY JEWS! UKRAINE IS SUFFERING FROM NEOBOLSHEVISM AND BOLSHEVISM IS JUDAISM IN ACTION!

    • And the link, for Patron, Pau, Froggy and their friends…

      Of course, you can say all you want that DNR and LNR are not Russian : the whole world except Russia and its proxies perfectly know that Russian troops have invaded Ukraine and are, thus, guilty of yet another warcrime…

      • Yeah, yeah, in DNR and LNR militia many passports, most of they ukrainian. Why? Because they defent his homes. And even have french, serbia, georgia, but russia attack… Maybe France attack? If russia attack ukrainian army, who sponsored from sms, and eating usa meal, even 5 days can’t survive like georgia in 2008. Because his just bomb without any problems like in georgia.

        • Most of them Ukrainian ? All those I saw are Russian, beside the cadavers of their their holders. And the list is starting to be long. You should join them : you’ll love being with French, Serbia, Georgian and Russian fascists killing civilians along Russian Army…

      • The whole world or the naïve world that believe all the White House’s propaganda ?

        After all who started the conflict on the 1st place ??

        • Here are the great, cynical defenders of the killers of civilians. Welcome home !

          Instead of hiding behind your keyboard, you should move to Mariupol or Donetsk and fight with your lovers, for the liberty of the world !

          • On one hand if Kiev & its US pay masters managed to lie about shooting down MH17 those Grad would be kid’s play …

            On the other hand those rockets might have well been shot by the Novorossiya freedom fighters. They are hardly the most accurate weapons unlike the Ukrainian airforce bombs that are specifically targeting civilians.

            After all there is a war started by Washington going that neither Poroshenko or Obama want to see ending …

            • Starting to discover your status of children-killer lover alongside Patron, Froggy ? Hope you enjoy it, because your protégés will certainly not stop there… You forgot the “nor Putin” in your “want to see ending”. If he wanted, he would have stopped backing the handful of thugs in the region…

              Now, second step, repeat after me : there are no “Novorossiya” nor any “freedom fighters” in the region. Just the Russian Army and some Russian-backed criminals who will be annihilated, sooner or later…

      • Well, of course. You directly from France saw russian soldiers. Cool zoom. But apart from you, nobody saw. Many of the rebels were captured, but also not a single russian soldier did not find among them. May be they are immortal invisible warriors ninja?

    • What is it you care about the life of Ukrainians? In Mariupol live exactly the same people as in the Donets, but residents of Donetsk you call terrorists and their life you don’t care about. And where is the link to the report about the fire trolley in Donetsk?

      • Well, as far as it has been determined, in Donetsk it was, too, some bombing from the Russian army. Children killer somewhere, children killer everywhere…

        MH-17 has been conclusively determined to have been shot by a Russian Grad, too. Now, you chose your side, children-killer lover Patron 😉

        • Alain, Grad is not a SAM .
          Also , do stop your lies = there are no conclusive proofs that it was surface/air or a air/air missile, let alone who shot it .

          You are really talking out of your backside & making a fool of yourself …

        • It seems we’ve got a great expert on military equipment here. I’d like to know the details about how MH-17 was “shot by a Russian Grad” (!?) and how “the Russian army” bombed their own positions.

  4. I wonder how your Putin sleeps at night after authorizing things like this. He should be hung by his balls. By the way? Is everyone still happy in Russia with all that inflation. How’s your food pantries? Well, I guess gas is still cheap………

    • Putin starts antidemocracy revolution with mass massacre in kiev? Maybe Putin command ukrainian army? But poroshenko start shooting and ukrainian army need 3rd mobilization, poroshenko lies all time, from start and for now, but another one mobilization? How many dead bodies wan’t kiev? And no any casualties? No died peaceful people, now in Mariupol? Or they terrorists? But why, they stand for they cities, or just living here?

      • Oh, another lover of civilian massacres. I guess you’d love to have been aboard flight MH17, in Volnovakha, Donetsk or now Mariupol. Help yourself !

        I also see the quality of recruitment by the FSB is getting lower ! Missing money ? Reduced budgets ? People who speak correct English are too expensive now ?

        • While mighty Russia gave Polish Jews to Nazis to be killed in concentration camps, killed Polish people in Katyn, and was an allied of Nazi Germany for 2 years 😉

          • Stalin (Georgian) starved to death millions of Ukrainians, Stalin & Hitler had non aggression pact, Ukrainians slaughtered Ukrainian Jews etc.. etc… So what exactly ?

            What has it got to do with the US lying & regime change in Ukraine and not giving a flying F*ck to the thousands of Ukrainians as a result of their hegemonistic policies in exactly the same way they operated in Iraq ?

    • the times of uniformed Soldiers are gone,…this is civillians war …..most of them wear street-style clothes, do you want to define whos a pro-russian and whos an ukrainian???

      • All of them are civilians. Some were pro-russian, some were ukrainian patriots. Some children. Some elderly. Some women. Some men. All were killed by Russian army…

          • Children-killer lover Patron is back 🙂

            Yes, it was (some) Russians who killed (some) Ukrainians on the Maidan. And, in Odessa, some Russians, again, killed an Ukrainian in the street before being punished in the building 🙂

  5. This shot come not from Putin. It came from those Pro-Russian-Terrorist, you might call them. I dont know, why all the hate is going to Putin. Do you think, politics in your country is still better? Here, where i live, we learn, that all the others can punsh us in our face and we have to give them a THAK YOU! So, defend yourself, defend your Family, and fight for your rights! You are damn humans man….and since human exist,…there will be war! It was so, …and it will always be so! And if you hate PUTIN,…call the Black man in the white house….oh i forget,…they still have a racist problem there to solve….damn damn damn

    • Beside Patron, Pau, Froggy and others, here comes Jesus. Not fired yet by broke Putin ?

      There are plenty of evidence EVERYWHERE about the Russian Army having invaded Ukraine. Even Igor Girkin acknowledged it. So the shot comes, directly or indirectly from Putin, who is responsible, with Russia, of these dead people, as well as plenty others (MH17, Volnovakha, Donetsk tram, etc.)

      Without Putin, the so-called war would have brought not 4500 killed, but at worse a few tens, only in separatist ranks. And Ukraine would now be at peace. Putin is Russia’s Milosevic, and will finish like him…

      • Crimea has Russian army and not Ukrainian army and no one died. Bat Ukrainian army near Donetsk and there is death and destruction.

      • The first well-documented cases of Russia providing support to the rebels date back only to August 2014, when the war between the new government of Ukraine and the pro-Russian rebels had already been going. If you’re looking for those who are responsible for the conflict, then I suggest it is the new and unelected government of Ukraine that should take the blame for sparking the war, labelling millions of Ukrainian citizens who oppose the new government as “bandits”, “traitors”, “drug addicts”, etc., and waging war against those who demanded federalism and decentralisation. It is Poroshenko that is now following the way of Milošević – that is, waging a war against his fellow citizens.

  6. The cause of this conflict is the EU and USA’s expansion of NATO, slowly moving in and converting Russia’s neighbors.

    It is orchestrated in such a way that dumb and ignorant people don’t understand that something is happening, until Russia sends its first response, and of course then they listen to the EU and USA propaganda machine and blame Russia for starting war.

    But the war has already been started long ago, by EU and USA.

    • In your dreams ! Russia was invited in NATO and cooperated with it regularly. And the EU has no objectives against Russia. Only paranoid leaders in Kremlin believe that, and kill civilians, children and babies to protect their kleptocracy. And 80% of Russian people are happy with it. So be it…

      Now, I agree with you on only ONE thing : NATO should have been disbanded in the 90ies, or Russia fully incorporated it it, along with all former Warsaw Pact countries (including Ukraine). Now, given what Russia is currently doing, I am unfortunately happy it still exist…

      Putin, Bush, Sarkozy, Blair : all to ICJ for warcrimes and crimes against mankind !

      • Actually, it is the expansion of NATO that spoils the relations between Russia and the West and is a reason why Russia has no other choice but to take countermeasures against the always “friendly” and obviously anti-Russian Alliance. Following the dissolution of the Soviet Union, on December 26, 1991, when Russia lost its large system of foreign military bases, tried to cooperate with the West and was mired in its own internal problems, NATO was immediately extended to Eastern Europe, added a total of 12 new members, made an attempt to install GMD missile defence installations in Poland and Czech Republic, then, after triggering panic and anger in Russia, in the Black Sea and Romania. Not to mention that there is also a plan of setting up NATO ground-based interceptors close to the Russian borders, and that NATO even set up its military bases in Central Asia, on the territory of the former Soviet Union, and is now controlling groups of military ships in the North and Black Seas that are equipped with ballistic missile interceptors. There is only one country there that has the tactical missiles they might have to intercept, and that country is the Russian Federation. Now ask yourself why after the fall of the Soviet Union and the collapse of the Warsaw Pact NATO is still expanding and bringing Russia into a circle of its military bases and missile defence installations aimed at reducing Russia’s military power. As a saying goes, “With friends like that, who needs enemies?”

  7. There r no rebels in Donetsk. All are Russian soldats. Pinko Facist Chicken hearted thugs who steal babies and dishonor virgins of the veil. Your mothers are having sex with the Army recruiter. Go home and drink vodka.

  8. As (former) Russian i’m trully ashamed for evil my family and friends are supporting. It is so heartbreaking to see once great nation full of brilliant and kind people to succumb to self illusion, that bullying others bring respect, economic and social prosperity. Instead of cooperation, friendship you seem to think that it is neither you nor your political elite who is responsible for state of affairs in your country. I’m convinced, that deep down you do not believe USA, EU, or any other external force is responsible for the fact, that you just had to bribe an police officer, that you cant run a business without paying to various thugs, that roads are build during winter, that if you anger wrong people, then no law will help you, that even that Russia has immense natural resources, health care/salaries/pensions are ridiculously (compared to other advanced countries) low, that many scientists (from whom would Russia undoubtedly benefit) choose to live and work elsewhere, and so on.
    Please, for the sake of all of us, wake up. There is no external enemy, but 500 mil Europeans who above all would like to peacefully coexist.

  9. Sorry Folks,but i must admit that…
    i am (Alain)a NSA Troll, and
    my JOB is to Comment every “EnglishRussia” Topics, with ANTI RUSSIAN PROPAGANDA, and Hate toward everything Russian!

    But i also must admit,that this is only my Job,
    i know very well that Russia is a Beautiful Country, that Russians are Honest hardworking people,that UKRAINE Kiev Dictatorship Attacked Unarmed demonstrators in Odessa, and now oppresing Russians in Donetsk!
    i also know that Putin is Great Leader Beloved by Russians and the rest of the world.
    …Finally I Admit that.

    • Alain, what were you saying about honest ukrainian army
      Ukrainian tanks hiding in residential areas

      • I was saying that these poor tanks got trapped in a pit dug by FSB agents, or that the city was built around these tanks. Anyway, Russia is to blame.

  10. Look for video on youtube – Russian Roulette (Dispatch 88). In this video a civilian victim from another location said best – Ukrainian side claims that they do not hit the civilian areas, the DNR claims that they do not hit civilian areas – but the innocent people keep on suffering…

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