Police in Dagestan Celebrates New Year


Here’s a short video of Russian police officers in Dagestan, Russia celebrating the New Year by… shooting in the stars. They say its a pretty normal thing to express your feeling of excess happiness in some  Southern Russia parts by shooting in the air, but it’s first time I see the police  doing it too. Besides shooting they are also doing donuts on the Police car with full siren on. Pretty dope!

Also there is one more video inside:


Now they got a donkey somewhere and sort of abuse an animal. Seems like its also on the South of Russia as the donkeys are not typical more to the North.

How about your country? Do police people celebrate it this way as well?
Any answers like: “Ukraine – NO!”, or “Turkey – Noway!”

5 thoughts on “Police in Dagestan Celebrates New Year”

  1. In the US we have laws to keep people from shooting up into the air, its illegal. What goes up,must come down. And in a big city, that could kill someone, and has here before, hence the law against it.

    • In Russia shooting up into the air in a big city is illegal too. But… Some Caucasus republics are not exactly Russia, they are special.

    • Alain!!! At least they are kind of working unlike our amazing gerdarmerie nationale… ahahaha
      But seriously… I wonder why the hell the government tolerate that… Like anon said, what goes up must come down. Even if they are in small town and village, somehow one day someone is doomed to receive one in the head or shoulder when it come back down…

      • Government tolerate that because it is mentality of all Caucasian people. What government can do? It can’t be a police operation, it will be a war. Watch on Youtube “Chechen machinegun wedding”.


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