9 thoughts on “This is Kindergarten”

  1. For me these houses are very interesting and remind my childhood. Unfortunately today way too many of them (perhaps most of them?) are in a very poor condition.

  2. More of that excellent Russian woodworking .
    I wish it could be brought back to it’s original
    splendor . Remembering the craftsman from the past .
    Thank you English Russia

    • That is for rainwater. The edge of the roof acts as a gutter for water and then the water goes into pipes though these “torches”.

  3. This 19th-century wooden house is located in the town of Krasniy Holm (‘Red Hill’, that is). Unfortunately, the tiny budget of the town does not allow for preserving old buildings in a better condition.

  4. More than one hundred-year wooden building still keep accurate geometry. No tilt or sagging. You can check it with ruler. Of course it need restoration.

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