First McDonalds in Soviet Union: Biggest Launch Event in the World



On this day, but twenty five years earlier, on January 30th of 1990 the first McDonalds eatery opened in Moscow. It was also the first one in the whole country – in the Soviet Union. They say they were holding talks with Soviet officials about opening this venture for over 20 years – since 1976. Also, they offered 51% ownership of the venture to the Soviet state. Then, on the first day, they were expecting 1,000 people to come to the new place. How many people actually came to taste American food? 30,000 people arrived on the first day, making it the largest restaurant launch worldwide, ever. Thanks to Russian blogger Sergey we’ve got over 30 photos from this event, where the line of people was a few miles long! Let’s see inside:

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Pet Penguin in Krasnoyarsk Park

Pet Penguin in Krasnoyarsk Park

A few month ago a real penguin hatched in one of the parks in Krasnoyarsk city. He has his own open top cage and attracts lots of visitors from the city who come to see a real penguin in the city park. They feed him with real fish and wait while the two black spots on his chest grow bigger – they say this indicates that he is ready to swim in the pool. Inside we have more photos and a video:

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Vintage Photos of Russian Railroad Workshops

Vintage Photos of Russian Railroad Workshops

Here and now old photos surface from more than 100 years ago of pre-communist Russia and its often pretty interesting to browse thru this collections to get that feel of a slow moving life just before much of the previous life was destroyed in October 1917. Here is another one from back in 1912, a Ribinsk railroad workshops – that’s a city close to Moscow. If you are into this type of stuff then welcome inside for wide-screen cool vintage photos:

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Weird But True


This video was first published in Kazakhstan. It was claimed that the shocking (or weird?). The official reaction of Kazakh army officials was “it was not our army, the insignia is not matching” and etc. etc. People on the video, the ones that give the commands speak Russian so if it is not Kazakhstan there are plenty more countries around (e.g. Belarus or Ukraine) where it could took place. Take a look:

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Street Sweeping in Style from Kiev



A street sweeping janitor from one of the neighborhoods of Kiev, Ukraine has been spotted with a pair of white cats sitting on his head and shoulders while he is performing his daily routines. According to the locals this man is sweeping this streets here almost each day and often he comes out to work like this – with cats sitting quietly with, or should we say on him. A couple more photos inside:

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