Tanks on Russian Children Playgrounds


Some Russian kids playgrounds look just like this. It’s a “lightly armored, self-propelled, radar guided anti-aircraft weapon system (SPAAG)”, standing right in the middle of the children’s playground in Tomsk, Russia.

Inside we have over ten more Russian playgrounds with tanks and other armored vehicles right in the middle of them.


When blogger Moisha published these photos, people were not quite sure why such a piece of complex military equipment just stands in a regular Russian residential apartment back yard. And it stays there on purpose, on a special concrete slab.

Some comments were like “Maybe some top military authority lives in one of those houses, so he ordered this.” or:

“Why did they put it there? To be used as a children’s slide?”929456_900

But if you think this was just a one time incident, you are getting it wrong. This is what the Russian Channel One (Russia’s most popular TV channel) reported in 2009: “In Omsk, over 10 decommissioned tanks from the army are going to be installed in the kids playgrounds around the city”. So this is a trend!

Here are a few more of them:

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So it seems to be a trend!

14 thoughts on “Tanks on Russian Children Playgrounds”

  1. Best use of tanks I have seen. They should make real children play with this in other parts of this crazy world were living in too:)

  2. This maybe explains why the “militants” in DNR/LNR use civilians zones to “hide” their Grads, Uragans and tanks : they were used to see them there when children, in Russia and think it’s perfectly normal…

      • Come on Froggy : here on this very website, there has been a video of a Russian katyousha firing from civilian zone on Ukrainian soldiers. You have seen it, albeit you have not commented it (I perfectly understand why : it does not fit your mental representation of the conflict). Tell me more also about what you think of French Front National (fascist party) being financed by Russia ?

        • There is no worst blind man than the one that refuse to see.

          What has a French political party anything to do with the Ukrainian, western backed, junta murdering it own civilian population ?

          • Come on Froggy, how can you make a difference ? All the more as the second part is totally false ! Even Girkin said it on a Russian channel : had Russia not invaded Ukraine, there would be no war, no dead civilians and no fake Novorossiya. The government does not kill ITS people. It kills invaders and separatists. In all wars there are victims. As a supporter of Russia, you should know it. Remind me, how many civilian killed by Russian junta in Chechnya ? All Russian !

  3. Best idea ever. Little kids love playing on old war machines. It really fires their imaginations, I can remember playing on a Matilda tank, two WW1 German howitzers and a British QF 25 pounder as a child, of course I didn’t know what they were back then, just that they were fun.

  4. Good way to tell the kid when the park is closing… Closing signal… Shilka zsu-23-4 burst in over the climbing ropes. That will catch their attention for sure


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