10 thoughts on “Korean Warships in Ice Arrive to Russia”

  1. It looks like the Korean navy guys are not used to that type of cold. Imagine if suddenly they went to war, they would have to spend the next 2 days de-icing their equipment before they could use it! Dont mess with Russia when it comes to the cold!!!

  2. I wondered if they were S. Koreans or Norks, then I noticed there were no oars, so I knew they were S Korean. Then I saw the ROK on the gangway. 😉

    • Almost certainly a South Korean ship, as you can check by finding similarly looking ships on wikipedia link. The hulls look too modern to be classified as North Korean. North Korean ships will look like something that belonged in WWII battles.

  3. South-Korea, ROKS, Republic Of Korea Ship, which is a vessel of the Republic Of Korea Navy, South Korea.


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