21 thoughts on “Russian Marines In Training”

    • If they did that in Ukraine, they will already Conquer the Kiev and Lviv in the west.
      But unfortunately, Only poorly armed and trained Partisan volunteers fight against Criminal Junta government from Kiev, the Nationalists who wage war against the opponents in one big portion of Ukrainian citizens!

      • Please. Russians did not take over Kiev and Lviv because that’s not politically tenable. Instead, regular armed forces of Russia, “advisers”, and other infiltrators are heavily involved in the breakaway east Ukraine regions. Russia sends just enough aid to maintain the stalemate in the region, in order to control and blackmail the rest of Ukraine.

      • The poorly armed and trained “volunteers” seem to be surprisingly well equipped, well fed, and well dressed on the pictures:


        And strangely, the latest Russian T-72B3, which has never been exported to any country in the world ended up in Ukraine. Aliens?


        • They are not Aliens. They are obviously Somali pirates, over which Moscow has no control. After all, Lavrov says Russia is not participating in the conflict… which means that Russian weapons appear there only after being smuggled through 4th dimension.

  1. Why do they need to do all these weird military excercises?
    Russian army has demonstrated in Krimea that tactics of hiding behind backs of civilians and using crowds of old women as live shields is much more efficient.

  2. If hiding behind civilians was such a good tactic, Hamas would have overrun Tel Aviv. We have people like you in the US, who want to start wars but know just enough about them to want to avoid participating themselves.

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