Heavy Armed Clashes in Grozny, Chechnya, Right Now [updated]


As being reported right now (it’s night in Russia) there is a heavy gun fight with tanks and artillery in the middle of Chechen capital Grozny city. As being reported it all started in 1.30am as some people shot down three policemen who stopped their car. Then across all the city fights emerged. There have appeared the claims of some people saying that they are an organized group of over 300 people who attacked Chechnya. As for officials they say there are no 300 attackers, but much less. However some of the buildings in the middle of the city are stormed with tanks and heavy grenade launchers. See more pics and videos inside.







Streets of the city look like this now.




Heavy military regiments arrive.




Gunshots and heavy booms are heard all thru downtown.




Here you can see traces of the fires.










Meanwhile in Moscow they report is heavy activity of helicopters flying in the downtown to the Kremlin and back and all the civil flights were grounded.



They say they might be tens of hostages already captured in the city.

This post is being updated.

New update:



On this video you can see how artillery or RPG’s firing into a house.

Also a crowd of soldiers:



Keeping updates coming..

15 thoughts on “Heavy Armed Clashes in Grozny, Chechnya, Right Now [updated]”

  1. ???

    I thought that Chechnya has been pacified by the mighty and efficient Russian Army, with no civilian blood shed, unlike the fascist Ukrainian Army.

    Would I have been cheated ?

    • Alain, most of the fighting in the Dombass is not done by the Ukrainian army but by the National Guard. You unfortunately seem to fail understanding this huge difference.

        • I quote you : “pacified by the … unlike the fascist Ukrainian Army”
          The Ukrainian army has never been fighting, the only Ukrainians armed force that are fighting is the “National Guard” .

          Unfortunatly I doubt that Maybe there is a place you should/could go back to learn how to think ?

          • Definitely, you don’t catch me. That was mere irony regarding the “good” Russian army doing things peacefully and the “bad, fascist” Ukrainian army doing the same things badly.

            Reminds me of the Inconnus sketch : the good and the bad hunters 😀

  2. It will be interesting to compare the wording used by Lilliputin and his cronies for Ukrainian and Chechen separatists… Anyway, no doubt this will again be the fault of that nazi/fashist/whatever EU and USA, which have nothing better to do than plotting against the poor Russia.

    • …”the fault of that nazi/fascist/whatever EU and USA…”
      Thank you for putting it correctly. Since the failed USA -sponsored war in
      Georgia in 2008, the US continues to meddle in the Caucasus, an ongoing CIA op.

      • Maybe they are just fighting for THEIR land, THEIR home, THEIR people.
        Let’s talk about the 200,000 people which have been killed or the kids raped and killed on a daily basis by those brave soldiers sent to pacify the region.
        Thanks to Anna’s work we got a clear picture on what has been done there…

    • Just the same type/kind of international islamist terrorists that the West & the USA have been supporting, arming and training in Syria for over 3 year until they started to call themselves ISIS …

  3. This was the Mumbai-style attempt to do a hit&run/bomb/take hostage attack https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2008_Mumbai_attacks
    so it would be hard to compare it with Ukrainian situation. But I am sure that you can make it )

    • Here is what happened – a group of ~20 local forest-dwelling salafists decided, that it’s show time, so they called 3 cabs to Grozny outskirts, threw out the cabmen, and started up. On their way they had to pass through the police checkpoint, and that would be really hard to do with 3 stolen cars, overloaded with bearded islamists, packing full of heavy guns. So they started shooting right away, killing 3 officers and setting their car on fire. From that point everyone in town knew, that was going on. The group decided to split in two, one gang ran to the office building (different newspapers and TV stuff), the other took over some school. But it was night-time, both places were empty, so the hostage-taking failed. Islamists started to prepare for a long standoff, but another fail – the law enforcement there are Chechens too, so the result is on the pics.


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