5 thoughts on “Tsunami Destroyed Russian Airbase”

  1. Not listed in the biggest tsunamis in history. Any more details somewhere ?

    There seemingly was a huge one in the region in 1952 (more than 2000 killed people) : any pics of it ?

    • There are some Soviet military bases that were kept secret in the kuril islands and near the Kamchatka peninsula. The was a secret submarine baseon the island of Simushir http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Simushir . So maybe they don’t keep the records of these tsunamis because they are kept secret.

  2. It appears that the base in question is Burevestnik, located on Iturup Island (Kuril Archipelago) near Japan, and currently was transformed into civilian airport. Given that it was a home for 387th Interceptor Regiment, the big aircrafts (probably An-24 derivatives) were there to bring supplies from the mainland.

  3. AUG 22 18:28:55.6 52.27 N 157.33 E 134 6.5 Kamchatka
    5.6mb(GS) 6.2mb(BRK) 6.5mb(PAS)
    Felt (IV) at Petropavlorsk-Kamchatskiy and (III) at Severo-Kurilsk.

  4. The MiGs were simply left to rot there (possibly used as dummies to confuse the evil imperialists and their satellites) long before the earthquake. Note the deteriorated plexiglass canopy.

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