Donetsk These Days

Donetsk these days is like this… The girl behind the camera, the kid, says “This is beautiful”. Her mom responds: “What’s beautiful??”. Then hushing her daughter like her loud voice can attract the fire on themselves. It’s GRAD systems firing, hosted in an apartment building front lane. This is how they live those days there.

Also here is the google maps location of where the fire is coming from:

Just click to see map

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  1. Its a huge tragedy what’s happening in Donetsk. Always does the politicians make the little man on the street suffer in one way or another.

  2. Sad…
    Who was firing from residential areas by the way ? 😉

    Beside this, some subjects missing from English Russia :
    – the removal of the old planes on the Aeroport district to built the new Aviapark shopping center (shame : I did not have time to visit the place 🙁 )
    – the Aviapark shopping center in itself
    – the new park replacing the Rossiya hotel

          • This video was shot in Donetsk. Controlled by, by, by…

            Tic, tac, tic, tac, tic, tac…

            Russian-backed terrorists.

            Yes ! That’s a good answer ! Thanks for your participation…

            Regarding Mariupol, I’d be glad to see anything there. Unfortunately, I mainly see Russian-backed terrorists firing on civilian premises (as they don’t control them, they cannot fire FROM them :D)

            • Drunk ukrainian soldiers shoot anywhere – they can’t control themselves. They are stained with murder and must be destroyed.

              • That’s not exactly what I read and see here and there (but I know we do not have the same sources). Anyway and otherwise, if it was the case, Novorossiya would have been done for good since last summer. For the time being, I guess Russian soldiers and Russian-backed terrorists need vodka to get a bit a warmth, given DNR and LNR are not warmed by Russia, nor by Ukraine 🙂 Which explains why they get killed by hundreds, why Russian conscripts do not want to go to Ukraine and why cargo-200 are coming back in huge numbers. Difficult to fight properly when drunk 🙂

              • Drunk Ukrainian soldiers? Dude wtf? I and some other people have been in Eastern Ukraine, also met some of Ukrainian Russians in Moscow, those moth****r are bandits, idiots that have dranked their last bit of brains, cursing on each corner. When Soviets still ruled, Donetsk was one of the main places for holding the criminals from all the Soviet Union.

  3. Who was firing? Ukrainian? Russian – kacaps! Or original Czeczen people who live in Donets.

    Looks Russian what you did again! You never learn. You can eat ground but you are happy and proud becouse you can distroy world. Wow it is great But what happaned with you?

    • Come on ! You know it’s impossible. Vova said Russians did not interfere in Ukraine ! At all ! Cross my heart and hope to die !

  4. Must be the rebels, those criminals! The Ukrainian army stands nowhere near the city as it;s a costly and dangerous thing to fight in the cities. I must show this to my grandmother; you wouldn’t believe what things she says after watching her daily portion of Russian TV. The irony is that Russia is becoming what it call others being. Well it’s all understandable who benefits from authoritarian wotld order – no doubt.

    • You lie. Why Ukraine has moved under the Donetsk “Grad” and “Uragan”? For beauty? Why not go 50 km from Donetsk to not kill civilians?

          • Indeed not. They killed 300 invaders yesterday at the airport 😉

            But, at least, they do not use civilian premises to launch their attacks. Which, you have seemingly difficulties to deny in front of the hard proof 🙂

              • I guess you do not believe Igor Girkin recent interviews either, in Russian medias ? When he explains that, “of course”, Russia indeed launched the war in Ukraine ? You do not believe Putin either, when he explained that, “of course”, the little green men in Crimea were Russian soldiers ?

                Now you can believe your own truth. The problem is, it’s not THE truth. You’ll find it out sooner or later. Like the Americans when they understood (too late) there was no WMD in Iraq…When you’ll understand it, many more thousands Russian soldiers and Ukrainian civilian will have died. For nothing…

                  • Take what you want. The US have shown there were great at seeing what did not exist (the WMD in Iraq). So they can be good too at not seeing what exists 🙂

                    I am sure you can explain the huge increase in killed in military exercises in Western Russia then ?

                    • America does not see anything – but Alain sees everything)).Funny. There are a number of Russian military, I think. They help educate residents Donbas protect their homes from the Nazis and punishers of the Ukrainian army. And American and Western military help Ukrainian troops kill inhabitants Donbas.

  5. Rebell factions use the cities as living shields. The Ukraine has shown extreme restraint when it comes to bombing the cities. One of the many reasons why they withdrew, instead of pushing further in. Taking Donetsk would require to bomb Donetsk, extensivly. And they are not ready to that yet.

    PS. Do you see how well preserved the houses are, despite artillery beeing shot from there? And how unafraid the people in the background are? They do not expect any counter fire.

      • Unarmed ? You should review the videos 😉 Certainly the guy who has been killed at 1:40pm by firearm by the thugs before they took refuge in the building must have shot himself… Also, the guys at the top of the building were impressive : they caught the molotov cocktails sent at them, and sent them back on the people trying to help !

        • Yes I have heard of the Ukrainian version of this event about how people burned themselves and now you show your nazi face. Very good. Continue like that, good Obama little soldier 🙂 Thanks a lot for helping us discredit you

          • Oh oh ! He has been offended. How touching 🙂

            Now, what I told you is not a “version”. Everybody can watch it online (except for the molotov cocktail caught in the air by the guys at the top of the building : of course they had them with them – but again you don’t know how to read…)

              • I’d like to know. I’d like a real, independent investigation.

                I am sure the truth is between the claims of the pro-Russians and those of the pro-Ukrainian. You’ll find culprits in both sides…

                • What independent investigation you’re talking about? Ukraine has already closed the case. No one’s fault. This means nazi can burn and kill with impunity. Continue to justify killers…

                  • “Closed”, in your dreams…

                    “Independant” would mean, conducted neither by Ukrainians, nor by Russians…

                    Indeed, Nazis (you know, the extreme-right European and Russian guys who came, alongside the Russian Army, to protect the local inhabitants from fascists – really funny to see nazis fighting against fascism !) can burn and kill with impunity, in Donbas, everyday unfortunately…

                    • Simple Ukrainian fascists of the battalion “Azov”

  6. Seems you have difficulties with pictures, so : here, Russian GRADS are firing FROM civilian premises. This is STRICTLY forbidden by the rules of war. But they seem not to mind about that…

  7. “This is STRICTLY forbidden by the rules of war.”
    And why did you not say something about the Ukrainian army used against the civilian population tactical missiles and phosphorous bombs? “This is STRICTLY forbidden by the rules of war”. Maybe you have not seen a lot of videos about this?

    • Certainly because :
      – phosphorous bomb story is a huge hoax (photos and videos taken from Iraq and no evidence on the ground found by terrorists)
      – contrary to your belief, tactical missiles are not forbidden by the rules of war, and most photos or videos are also hoaxes (remember the factory which exploded – I still laugh of it). Also, Tactical missiles would not be a problem if the terrorists were not firing from civilian premises (and we are back to point 1)…

      • Ukrainian army can not defeat and destroy civilian and infrastructure any weapon which has. Оnly punishers can use weapons against its own population.

        • So, what has been doing Russia today and yesterday in Chechnya (which is part of Russia) ?

          Anyway, both phosphorous bombs and tactical missiles are hoaxes. You can add to the panel cluster ammos 🙂 (another proven hoax, directly from Russian medias)

    • And to save time to everybody, here is a list of the Top 75 hoaxes from Russian medias about war against Ukraine. No need therefore, from now on, to pick and use any of these. You’ll have to find out new ones 🙂

  8. It’s not because you don’t want to see that it does not exist 😀

    Do the searches yourself, to make sure you are right 😉

    In the meantime, I can just tell you that it’s useless to try to use any of the elements in this video to convince anybody. You’ll fail…

    • And I am sure you’ll love these ukraine animals, Alain

      Аnd these animals is fighting for Ukrainian Nazi

      They very drunk on the video. They drink beer and hard swear.
      And then they shoot anywhere.

        • No Darius ! It’s impossible ! Patron said so ! Only Ukrainians can be drank and shoot anywhere. And when you try to write something else, like what happened in Shaktarsk in September when Russian-backed terrorists were playing with Ukrainian bodies, you are censored 🙂

          • They protect your home and can fight by any means.

            Imagine that the Arabs in France will begin to expel the French from their homes. Arabs will burn the French in their homes, for the fact that they have a different opinion, and called them by the Nazis. And the world has approved this fact.

            • Except there is one small flaw in your demonstration. The real demonstration would be : imagine that the Spanish in France (Languedoc) will begin to expel the French from their homes. Spanishs will burn the French in their homes, for the fact that they have a different opinion, and called them by the Nazis. And the world has approved this fact 🙂

              As you understand, Spanish are not at home in France. Neither are Russians in Ukraine…

                • No the world has not. Everybody knows that the US were the bad guys and outrageously lied in Irak. Thanks (among others) to France.
                  The world also knows that France was the bad guy in Libya (thanks, among others, to Russia) and outrageously lied.
                  Now, the world knows that Russia is the bad guy and outrageously lied…

              • “Spanishs will burn the French in their homes”? Like in Odessa where ukrainian nazi terrorists burned people alive?
                “Spanish are not at home in France. Neither are Russians in Ukraine…” Really, it was their home centuries before so-called ‘ukraine’ was created, but you obviously believe they should be exterminated?

                  • Sure, and France was created by Arabs.. that’s why it’s ruled by Sultan Hussein Obama today haha (and his pathetic vassals, completely irrelevant clowns btw)

                    Btw it’s not my history, i’m not a russian – it’s common knowledge (something you lack completely). Bandera’s fanboy fantasy sites won’t help you there..

                    • This mere sentence shows you are just a poor guy paid 12$/day (what a laugh) by Putin to spread its propaganda. No argument worth anything there…

  9. If one can understand Russian then find on Youtube video 9UpiS4qF9yY. I understand that some of you do not trust Western media, but what about Russian median and a Russian nationality former military leader of Donbas (who also claims that he started all events there)?

  10. Hello Patron,

    I know I won’t convince you, but as you asked for proofs of Russian soldiers and hardware in Ukraine, here are some. Plenty…

  11. Indeed, Patron, you are 100% right. There are no Russian in Ukraine !

    Of course, we still wait for such information on RT…

    • Cool video, Hollywood resting. No doubt

      About the tank.
      The Polish Land Forces operate mainly upgraded Soviet era equipment. Soviet T-72 are being withdrawn from service, only 379 will remain in storage until 2018 (In Ukraine it seems)

    • This shit you posted is fake, theres is no real news only Nazi propaganda. Alain must be there main propaganda chief on this site.

      • Of course not. And the fact that Russia finances the French extreme right party is also fake news. Even if its chief, Marine Le Pen, acknowledged it publicly. And even if her father, notoriously know as a nazi lover in the country, has also received money from Putin and acknowledged it. And that it has also been acknowledged publicly by some members of the Russian government. That must certainly be a fake : Russia cannot back nazis in Western Europe and fight them in Ukraine, with the help of extreme right members 😀

        Come on : stop playing fools. It does not work with clear-minded people and only discredit you…

  12. And your purposely forgot about the Russian fascists and Russian-backed fascists in Eastern Ukraine (they are too numerous to be listed here, but the world know them, as they are backed by all extreme-right/fascist/nazis political parties in Europe 🙂

    I really wonder why this political parties do not back Ukraine, as they are, according to you, the nearest in mind of the current power in Ukraine ? Why do they back Russia ? Any idea ?

      • I mean : you say that Ukraine is fascist. Thus, fascist European parties (extreme right) should back Ukraine as they are their friends. But, strangely enough, ALL fascist European parties back Russia and see it as their friend. Strange, not ? I’m sure you’ll find an explanation ?

        • Ukraine(-their puppet government controlled by USA)is the most fascist state in the world atm, and the maidan terrorists, putschists and mass-murderers are something between Hitler NSDAP and east european-ISIS. And that’s prety much obvious to anyone but sick nazi russophobes.. here’s a hint: same obsessed trolls who usualy have %90 of all comments here.. hmm. As for your claim that “ALL fascist European parties back Russia and see it as their friend. Strange, not ? I’m sure you’ll find an explanation?” i have an explanation: you’re a delusional liar.

          btw is it true that France is going to change it’s name to Obamana?(Obama+banana.republic)

          • “delusional liar” : seems you don’t know how to read. It is widely known truth, which you can find anywhere, with acknowledgement filmed by the interested people (Marine Le Pen, Jean-Marie Le Pen, Jean-Luc Schaffhauser, Fabrice Beaur, Vladimir Krshlyanin, Adrien Szaniszló, etc. : all very well known European fascists who have publicly acknowledged their support of Russia and Donbass, and/or received money from Russia)…

            • You are the one who can’t read even your own text. LOL. Your own words: “ALL fascist European parties back Russia” ALL, means every without exception- Svoboda is fascist party, they are from Europe, they do not backing Russia, obviously, so you are a LIAR. Proven. No need to prove anything else, there are zillion real nazi parties and organization supporting ukrainian-maidan terroists (try poland or croatia), but it doesn’t matter just one is enought to prove you wrong. You should apologize. Instead you’re lying again. What credibility your words have now? Sorry but NONE. Zero. Worthless. Obama-like. But keep spamming it’s funny.

              Btw you have no idea what you’re talking about just c\pasting some nazi ukrainian site full of russophobic bs; for example (“Vladimir Krshlyanin” doesn’t exists, it’s Krsljanin, he’s almost irrelevant and he’s representing himself only); but of course Marine Le Pen is a ‘fascist’ because you say so.. Ok, i’ll trust you there.. According to you Adolf Hitler wasn’t nazi either, nor were his blood-thirsty puppet butchers like Bandera (and his modern psychos from Kiev).
              You somehow “know” (hallucinating) that someone in Donbass “receive money from Russia”, but you don’t know who financed and organized bloody rebellion in Kiev (and Syria, etc etc). Ask Vicky Nuland and Kolomoyski. Also, Europeans fighting in Donetsk for peoples militia are like those heroes who fought agianst Franco in Spain.. but of course in your opinion Franco wasn’t fascist either.. he wasn’t Russian; but international brigades were fascists coz you say so 😀

              ..twisted logic and insane reality – typical for russophobia.

              • You make me laugh, trying to find details to turn out the argument in your favor. That does not work. If you think that people wearing svastikas and fighting for DNR/LNR are not nazis, that’s your problem.

                But, as I told you, trying to argue that, unilateraly, Ukraine is fascist while the world has proofs that there are nazis supporting Putin, DNR and LNR means the “nazi” argument is certainly not an argument for Ukraine. Except for those poor 12$/day Putin robots (not even capable to be paid in roubles as it is now worthless :D)…

                And, it does not remove the other elements from the DNR/LNR/Russian side (use of civilian premises to bomb Ukrainian army and, knowing that, shooting down a civilian airline by mistake would not be a surprise)

                • Adolf, ops Alain, sorry, ‘details’ you say? it’s something called LOGIC ya know.. no, you don’t obviously.. you haven’t the slightest idea what logic, debate and arguments mean.. nor the truth. Just utter lies, ridiculous babbling and c/paste from ukrainian nazi sites.. completely clueless trolling.
                  For example it is ridiculously obvious that you have no idea who is Vladimir Krsljanin, you have never heard of him, just trying to impress someone here with your copy/paste skills. LOL
                  (now go google and ask your svoboda’s boyfriend for translation)
                  That’s all already proven, your pathetic excuses won’t help you.. you’re a completely cueless troll.

                  p.s. ‘paid by Putin’? HAHAHAHA
                  It’s not just ruissophobia it’s schizophrenia and paranoia also.. dude i’m not from Russia, i don’t know russian, this is my 4-5 comment here.. ever. you’re spamming dozens of them on this page only; is it your pathetic job or a mental disorder, i don’t know (nor care); probably the second one because all your comments here are not worth a penny. Worthless – just as you word (that’s also already proven)

                  • I maybe have never heard about Krsljanin, but I fairly know all the fascists who works for Putin in France and Ukraine. You seemingly don’t know them, so you should get back play in your sandbox…

                  • OK, so what does your logic says about these things:
                    * What do you say about Girkin and his multiple interviews to Russian TV about his role in Donbas? I hope you know that he admitted on cameras for Russian channels that he is a former employee of Federal Security Service. And that it was him who has basically initiated all military actions in Donbas
                    * Why very suddenly several key military people fighting for Dombas have gone on “permanent vacation” back to Russia?
                    * How would you explain the Cossacks fights with current Luhansk “official government” and calling them much worse than Ukrainians?

                    • Darius : ctrl-enter to keep separated paragraphs. It’s difficult to read otherwise 🙂

                      Beside this, Pau and Patron have very selective memory. They constantly forget about Marine Le Pen, Girkin, all the neo-nazis fighting for DNR/LNR, etc. Maybe they are fed up being paid with worthless money ?

            • And now some videos of nazis from good ol’ USA, they’re as ‘relevant’ here as some tsarists in Russia:

              Because tsarists in Russia somehow make the genocide commited by maidan nazi-terrorists in donetsk completely acceptable, and nazi parade in kiev not so nazi??(at least according to you “two”).

              • Oh oh ! Seems you had time, arriving at work this morning (GMT-3, that’s Russian time, isn’t it ?)

                Regarding my love for Russia, I don’t mind about your position : I’ll leave it where it belongs, in gutter…

                Regarding the rest, it’s so pathetic I prefer not to answer. But I wonder why you did not write anything about Russia financing the French extreme-right/fascist party ? About why some of its members were in Donbass as “international observers” (among ONLY other European fascists – not a single member from any respectable party) ? I guess it does not fit your skimpy mind. I leave you Pau in your sandbox, with Patron…

                • “Pau says: January 7, 2015 at 5:00 pm
                  Alain says: January 8, 2015 at 2:40 am”
                  So in your twisted reality 5:00 pm is “morning”?? AHAHAHA sorry it’s not funny, it’s actually sad that you have nothing better to do in 2:40am.. insomnia & depression along with you other problems, i guess.

                  Btw dunno about Russia but it’s 23h here in Slovenia, hardly a working time for anyone, expect maybe for you and your mother- she is from ukraine, so ask her what time is it there.. WAIT, i KNOW actually what time it is: time to take your medications 😀

                  I doubt though, that russophobia and severe schizophrenia could be cured (except maybe with hitler’s self-help method – you should try it asap, your condition can’t be worse anyway)

                  Of course i’m not surprised you’re incapable to to write a coherent reply again (or anything even remotely inteligent actually), because truth, logic and facts completely annihilate your puny trolling and hallucinations, you’re utterly destroyed like ukrainian-maidan fascists near Donetsk or napoleon in russia.. now run away, bravely, you won’t be missed -except by Darius, ofc (but he has his svoboda kameraden so he won’t be alone.. unlike you)

                  I doubt though you can live without trolling, what else you have.. R.I.P.

              • -Darius: “video of some irrelevant guys in russia with tsarists flags and orthodox icons”

                Hmm. A video of one of the national Russian TV channels about increasing to dangerous levels of fascism in Russia and attacks on people that did not look Slavic is not relevant to you? I guess it must be at odds with your logic, so then by definition it must be fake – Western propaganda? Right?

                • Wrong again ‘Darius’, and utter rubbish also: “A video of one of the national Russian TV channels…””…Western propaganda” -Dafuq?? Your ‘logic’ – a good joke lol. I’m glad you trust russian national tv, you obviously consider them fair and objective (but only when it’s useful for your trolling), but unfortunately I don’t speak russian (just a few words) so i have no idea who are these guys with imperial flags and orthodox icons (they must be nazi by your definition and ‘logic’); but even if they are – you have fascists and nazi supporters in USA, France, even in Isreal (one could argue their entire government is fascist, but that’s also irrelevant here). What you’re trying to achieve here is to justify nazi scum in ukraine by showing their ‘counterparts’ in Russia. Unfortunately for your ridiculous bs theory (-very weak propaganda attempt btw), they are not remotely relevant, for this topic, for Russia, for this planet..

                  Just like saying: “back in 30s we had hitler in reichstag, kristallnacht, nuremberg rallies, etc, etc, but we also had ku klux klan in missouri so they are both relevant and responsible for WWII”-that’s not just illogical, that’s plain STUPID. Russian neonazi did not organized and successfully executed an armed rebellion overthrowing legaly elected president in a bloody coup, they didn’t wage an open war against police forces and legal government, they didn’t burned and destroyed thier national capital, seized governmental buildings, they do not lynch officials, brutally and publicly beat opposition leaders, they do not throw their MPs into dumpsters, they didn’t burned dozens of people alive in odessa, they didn’t formed quasi-ss military battalions (‘Azov’ f.e.), they didn’t wage a full-scale military genocidal campaign agianst the most numerous nat.minority..

                  “but.. but.. they’re molesting my tajik ass” – go to France to your friend alain, they like immigrants there (that’s why they attacked them with grenades yesterday).

                • Well Pau, I thought you knew everything about everything. You even like very much to put words in our mouths and now our “true names”, so how come you know nothing about this?

                  In the video they do not call these people fascist – so far only nationalists. And you can quite well google translate the descriptions under videos.

                  Well – good, so now we agree that the people with nationalistic to fascistic ideas exist in every country and today in all countries it is a small percentage of the population. So my question is why Ukraine gets the name of a fascist country? You have said a few times genocide, Odessa and so on. Well OK. In Oddesa there died far less than now have died on both sides in Donbas. So what happened to all other Russians in Ukraine? If it is a genocide, so why they continue to live there on Ukrainian side? Why some family members these days decide to move to the Ukrainina side, while the other family members fight on the Donbas side? Why there are humanitarian convoys from Ukrainian side? And if it is genocide of Russsian people, then why Russia recently signed a new contract to sell electricity to Ukraine? Why Donbas fighters are angry on Russia, that it keeps on selling coal to Ukraine, so Ukraine does not need to buy coal from them? Why Russia in many international meetings is more worried if Ukraine will join NATO and just spends a little attention Donbas? Why Donbas fighters now inspect and allow rotations of Ukrainian fighters in the Doneck airport? Why there are more and more videos and interviews in the media of people that are fighting on the Donbas side and call this fascism story utterly crap? They believe that the biggest part it is Russia vs. US influence fight. Plus some people that try to earn (money or political dividents) from this situation and plus people that want now revenge for their close people that have died there.

            • Thanks Darius for these two beautiful movies of Russian nazis. Sure Patron or Gia missed them, or will claim it is Western propaganda…

              So, here what we have :
              – Russia finances European fascists parties
              – Russian-backed militants use civilian premises to bomb the Ukrainian army
              – Russia is helped by European extreme-right militants for its fighting in Donbass
              – Russia has lost for years to come the support of 25% of the Russia speakers in Europe
              – Russia can bid farewell its Eurasian Union, as never will Ukraine join it, now that it has lost Crimea and Donbass
              – Russia enters an economic crisis, thanks to oil price drop and Rouble drop

              What a huge victory for mighty Vladimir the Wise ! What a small price to pay for Krim Nash…

          • These are not nazis. Beside this, there are nazis everyday in Donetsk and Luhansk, coming from whole Europe and Russia fighting for Donbass 🙂

  13. A fresh new video from LNR: For non-English speakers: the Cossacks (to my knowledge most of them arrived from Russia) are accusing the current leader of LNR Igor Plotnitsky that he is corrupt and in their mind he is worse that the Ukrainians. They give explanations how the current leader managed to win the elections and so on. They are threatening to take him down with force.

  14. That’s for you, Andrei, Pau and Patron 🙂

    So easy to find details about terrorists and their supporters, to be used by relevant secret services. If you are Russian, you’ll continue to enjoy your country for a long time as you will not be able to leave it safely (except for friendly countries like Northern Korea, Iran (lucky boy – it’s a VERY nice country) or Venezuela). If you are a citizen of any the interested countries, I wouldn’t want to be with you, when you’ll be woken up at 6 in the morning with a gun over your head, before being handed to secret services for thorough interrogation…

    Have a nice day 😉

    • Adolf, i mean Alainovski: “I’m leaving now! Forever! au revoir!”
      2min later Alainovski: “Look i’m here and i’m trolling again”

      Told ya that you can’t live without trolling.. but this is actually bellow pathetic: LOOOOL – sorry dude but you have to be completely, absolutely insaneeeee to open that link, euromaidan press = goebels + isis + toilet paper.

      No wonder you have mental problems – reading all that nazi-psychotic crap..

        • Sure, in your poor, lonely, twisted, russophobic mind everyone is a fascist, except Adolf, Alain, Mccain and this guy:

          Just keep spamming same bs, lone troll – “A fanatic is one who can’t change his mind and won’t change the subject.” – another churchill’s quote..
          ..i never like him though (he massacred french sailors, even planned to use poison gas and antrax over france and germany and nuke against russia), you should read De Gaulle more (at least he wasn’t yankees biatch).

          But I think Mark Twain is the most appropiate in your case: “It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt.” 😀

    • p.s. I’m sure these guys are editors:

      • So, Pau, your official comment about French Front National (fascist party) being financed by Russia ? About the numerous photos like the one you published, about guys in the ranks of the DNR/LNR ? About Russian firing from civilian premises ?


  15. Ok Pau and Patron, I feel really sorry to have forgotten to remove my subscription to this troll full of Russian propaganda-brainwashed guys/robots. If you are ok to follow invaders, murderers and extreme right, that’s your entire right. I wouldn’t want to be you at 6 in the morning when they’ll get you (because it’s so easy to know where you are). But I’ll be nevertheless happy. CU

  16. Funny you’re accusing this site of pro-russian bias or whatever, and they tolarate all your bs spamming and trolling, while they do not publish my comments, i have no idea why.. even funnier is when someone who quote as a relevant and serious source then talk about ‘robots’, ‘brainwashing’, ‘murderers’ lol – do not STEAL my words: you are the one who follows and support murderers, blindely obeying their propaganda lies.. you are asking questions- but you are afraid of answers – “don’t blame the mirror if your face is ugly”.. you are afraid of the TRUTH – the truth that you are a mental slave, brainwashed by goebelsian russophobic propaganda, living under military, economical, media occupation.. ‘happy’ or non-happy(-more probably) but a slave nevertheless. And you definitely won’t be happy when your yankee masters spend all their maidan puppets, then they’ll send you as a cheap cannon-fodder to the new eastern front to die for Obama, Adolfa Merkel and US banks. Gott (nicht) mit uns..

    Run away from the truth now, as i said – slaves don’t deserve the truth- “no pearls before swines” (quote from the Bible, hope it’s not forbidden to quote Bible here)


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