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The Soviet State, the USSR, was declared to be “religion free” and atheistic. Churches were demolished, the priests were hunted down (especially in the beginning), and all the results of the development of the country were attributed to materialistic scientific research. Now things have changed. Let’s see how.






When the first space ships went into space these sorts of posters were popular – “Grandmother was religious, but science bright light and opened new horizons for us”, with a woman throwing old icons into the trash.



Normally, the great Soviet space exploration pioneers portraits were posted on the walls of the first Soviet space station and later on the ISS. Korolev, space rocket constructor, Gagarin – the first cosmonaut – etc. Look on the wall behind the guy, those are their faces.


But gradually things were changing. The Gagarin and Korolev posters are still there but new gold colored pictures appeared around the place.



Until in the most recent photos there are no more old heroes on the wall, just the church icons. And then things went more and more extreme:


Blessing of the space ships before they launch.

Космодром "Плесецк" в Архангельской области


Blessing (hard) the next cosmic crew members:


Sometimes too hard:



Designing space suits for priests only:



And more and more regalia in orbit:1417260769-ac1d25b3e831055c31b588db9a0c909b


Including art – the space station compared to a giant cross. The name of the artwork is “Baptizing Pluto”. 1417260727-3f4a110b1d963292e60f8d38090da5a3



This is how things go these days!

10 thoughts on “Church in Space”

  1. I am high in the sky, and still I do not see the face of god.
    — Cosmonaut Gherman Titov, unconfirmed quip, a variant of which is often attributed to him as reminiscence — after he landed and during an appearance in San Francisco (that he said something along these lines is undisputed) — to which someone allegedly quipped, “Had he stepped out of his spacecraft, he certainly would have!”

  2. In the foreseeable future attempts to eliminate religion will be futile. Humans have severe problems with reality and have a need to create alternate realities and believe in them. It is a shame but that is the way it is. I often wonder how far we might be advanced if we had a history of rational thought instead of religion. Oh well.

  3. I’m sure they do that for good reason. Religion has historically been a leading method of social control. Now that the wealth is in the hands of oligarchs the will surely need it. In feudal times the land owners financed the church and in return the church told the people that God wanted everything to stay exactly as it was and that they should seek betterment only in the “after life”.

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