Former Missile Base To Grow Mushrooms

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Once these hangars were used to accomodate a Soviet missile base, today they serve for growing mushrooms. This farm became the largest in Belorussia, it supplies ten tons of mushrooms monthly to trading networks of the republic and neighboring countries.

Right now you are welcome inside the post to see how mushrooms grow in specially created conditions.

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The farm is located in Minoity village, 160 km to the west of Minsk.

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These hangars had been occupied by nuclear warheads until 1997 when the military unit was disbanded. The empty place was bought by one local businessman who decided to use it for growing mushrooms.

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Specialists claim the background radiation here is even lower than in the closest populated areas. Here they implement the full cycle of production – from preparation of soil to growing mycelium. The former command bunker is used as a lab.

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These mushrooms are sold for 2,7 USD per 1 kg.

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The packing process.

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Mushrooms should be sorted.

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Mushrooms are very nutritious, high-yielding and easy to grow. They are planted on wood shavings or straw.


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  1. When I see abandoned Chemical labs with all the equipment inside it as such, deep inside I cried as those things cost a lot of money and are also dangerous. Hope all old equipment and older bldgs., places etc., are put to productive use. Hats off to all involved. Keep up the good work. God Bless You 🙂


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