Luxury Bulletproof Vests



Do you know what these are? I mean, do you think this is some sort of stylish suite and some crazy colored vest? Oh yes, you might have read the title: they are bullet proof vests that the Moscow Institute of Steel manufactures for people who wanna party but want to stay protected from somebody with a gun. One more shot inside:



I am not sure about the price and actual weight, but visually these can easily be mistaken for the regular vests people use to protect them from the cold. Look how thin they are. Ok, their site says that they weigh around 2.5 kg (or around 5 lbs) which is pretty light and can be used for normal casual daily wear. They say that they are not made of steel or any other metal, but rather of some new high-tech polyethylene fiber fabric, and can be called “CLASS 2” protection which means they can withstand a shot from a handgun. And of course they can protect the wearer from a knife attack. Also they can be washed as you would wash your normal clothes.

Might be a useful thing for some type of people, probably.

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