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Do you want to know what’s going on in Donetsk today? If you still don’t know Donetsk is a center point of all the last day events in Ukraine, and this is the main city square of the city where the people who control Donetsk these days decided (I quote the source) “to celebrate the anniversary of new state creation with this sort of things”. Look how people around watching this. Video is inside, its short but you may be like “What???”. See it here:


I can see those old grannies who still remember the Hitler times, I wonder what do they think about this performance?




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  1. you would think these areas would remember, but i guess the most atrocities were in the north west. and with 97 of 100 soviet soldiers killed around kiev how can they act this way? maxwell may be right.

  2. I cant believe what im seeing! I’d like to get in there and beat the shit out of those ****! And I always thought it was the Russians who are the neo-Nazi ones.

  3. What is particularly funny is the number of people who gathered for this wonderful spectacle. Seems the DNR does not delight Donetsk inhabitants, to say the least…

  4. It is pretty clear that they are mocking the Nazis, as J Weich pointed put. Did any of you watch it all, or just the first 3 seconds?

  5. Again one example, how to make propaganda with taken-out-of-context “news”. And there are always stupid belivers…

    • Indeed. Always stupid people to believe this “event” brought together plenty of people. It was just a huge failure and joke…

  6. The message from this parody or satire is simple: The “fascists” against whom USSR (and certainly Ukraine) fought so hard have now taken over the Ukraine government. That is what was meant by the two women in Ukrainian colors joining the “Nazi’s” and even giving the Nazi salute.
    This Nazi marching song was famous, we heard it in documentaries, films and newsreels in the 1930s and into the 1950s.
    I am surprised and pleased that young people know enough history to put this political skit together. Congrats, guys and gals!

    • Shame nobody in the region seem to like them 🙂 Or there would have been a huge crowd to applause them. Seems more like a flop, like the whole DNR/LNR business…

  7. Looks like a winner. That is a good sized crowd. If they had portrayed the other side, not Hitler’s, but instead Stalin’s nation, they could have shown Stalin with one of his mistresses, shown Soviet troops getting slaughtered, and shown the wives and children of people he called ‘traitor’ getting raped and killed in the gulags. Stalin’s ‘good old days’.

  8. These people smash western Ukraine for supposedly having nazi sympathies and being “fascists”, but they forget that things are like this because the Soviet regime slaughtered them like cattle before, and nazist forces offered a chance for them to fight back at their butchers.

    Stupid propagandists.

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