Cruise Control from Kazakhstan


This video is from Kazakhstan. Pretty much a part of USSR before, now a country. They say the economy of Kazakhstan is second largest among all ex Soviet countries, which clues to think that people can afford little bit more there than in some other places. Like for example a car with cruise control. However, I don’t think you have ever saw anybody who was using their cruise feature as this guy. Highly recommended to watch.

Did you enjoy the show? Don’t try this at home.

7 thoughts on “Cruise Control from Kazakhstan”

  1. In most countries he should be fine but in Russia their is a big chance of a pothole big enough for two cars like his just around the bend of the road…

  2. A guy in Spain did the same, the difference, after publishing the video in the Internet, police found him and condemned him to 6 months in jail.

  3. Thoroughbred mambet right there. I Wish I could get such pleasure from the smallest things in life. Ahhhh ignorance is bliss

  4. One time had to control Lada priora from passenger’s seat at 160 km\h because driver was making big joint. There was other cars in the road, but i was good 😉


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