Post Apocalyptic Chicken in Ukraine


If you wondered how the post apocalyptic world might look like seconds after a disaster this might be a real life, not movie taken, scene. Thousands of suddenly freed chicken leave the farm, trying to eat something, trying to each other, going to other sides. Please note an alarm sound on the background adding to the atmosphere and people looking pretty shocked seeing all this. Video of this incident is inside and besides we have one more story of chicken in Ukraine inside too:

Well, of course in real post apocalyptic setting I bet those men in the car won’t spent their time for useless “Wow! Look at this!” but rather start hunting and stuffing all these meat into their cars. But it’s not there yet. Though a few days ago there was an event when one of the clans in Ukraine has captured a truck full of chicken, towed it into the city downtown and started giving the hens to anyone, so quickly a few blocks of line has formed out of people wanting a free white meat – here you can see a line and click for a panoramic full size shot:



Well, to fully comprehend the size of the line people formed you might want to take a look on this video someone has taken passing by on a bus:

And please note that this is all in a peaceful setting of normal post-Soviet city. Looks like everything is pretty normal but here is the truck of hens taken from somewhere by the soldiers of the Demon (that’s the commander who took the truck, we had his tank featured here). Here is the truck up close with a graffiti “Hello from a Demon”:



People look pretty happy. There was a limit of two chicken per person.

So, what do you think, where this all is heading now?


5 thoughts on “Post Apocalyptic Chicken in Ukraine”

  1. Please stop with this. You will just bring back spam in comments, and will never change any mind on the situation. Pro-Russian will always say it’s Ukrainian and US fault, and Pro-Ukrainian will always say it’s Russian fault. So drop all this and focus on what you were doing well until last year…

    • You mean that ER should again put pictures of Russian rusty weaponry and abandoned dilapidated factories? I think that videos and pictures of Russian hybrid war against Ukraine are far more interesting than anything else on this web site. Actually Russian war against Ukraine is the best demonstration of what modern Russian state is and
      what kind of people live in Russia.

  2. At the start of the Ukrainian so called “ATO” some people were fighting for their land and their believes, on both sides. Some people were going around robbing places. Several large farms that were owned by companies or businessmen were semi abandoned. The people who work their were told by employers to give anything the robbers wanted and to let the animals go.
    This seamed to have happened at this farm not that long ago. The chickens would probably die out in a month or so because their is so many of them.


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