Kharkiv: Lenin Down

sddefault About an hour ago a Lenin’s monument was downed in Kharkiv city, Ukraine. Kharkiv is pretty large city – metropolitan population of around 1,700,000 people and they say this Lenin’s monument was the largest in Europe. Not any more. Forty seconds of video how it went is inside.

I am not very sure why did they do to Lenin it this time as it’s already twenty years after Communism ended however some people associate things going around in Ukraine with Soviet legacy so this might be why.

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  1. They try to erase history. It remind me what happened here past 20 years. No one ever change/erase history no matter how hard he tried.

      • Soviet Union (Russia) lost 10,000,000 people during WW2 fighting Hitler and that’s only counting military deaths. That’s more then any other country, meaning we sacrificed the most to fight the Nazi’s. These were somebody’s fathers, brothers and sons. Under these dictators people were unified against a bigger threat, yes traitors were sent to Siberia or executed, but these leaders made the country strong and organized. It was not just a symbol of government but a symbol for what these people were fighting for.

        It’s not profitable for strong world powers to have Russia stabilized, they would much rather erase its history and see it in chaos so that they can point their fingers at it. It’s a shame what these people have done, especially if their fathers sacrificed their lives in order to fight the nazis. If you look at the comments below you will seldom find anyone here saying anything positive about Russia or it’s accomplishments because any other way it would be considered Russian propaganda. Today’s teachers about Russia are Hollywood movies that love Russian villains and anything that’s not written in English is fictional.

  2. Very good job, Ukrainians. Screw that mass murderer Lenin. This is so unique battern to russians – killing they own people and others. Now thats bad history – Lenin, Stalin, Putin…

  3. The USoA will be remembered as the largest mass murderer of all times. Thinking back perhaps just for 20 years to beginn with, there was not one single year the US lived without a war, occupying other peoples countries, overthrowing their governments, manipulating democracy, the minds and hearts of millions through the control of media content and news and governments. Telling us all waht is good what is right and what is wrong. Selfdetermination does not exist in such an opressive environment and it has no chance to flourish, to develop. In fact since the beginning of the US State somewhere in the 1750′ there was not a single year without US agression and war fought in other countries to bring the unwanted and unasked hegemonial promises… so, overthrowing a statue of Lenin is certainly the wrong point of interest.

  4. Actually, there were hundreds of them torn down since Ukraine refused to dance to the Moscow tune. Not exactly surprising. And this one would probably be hard to upcycle as a garden gnome due to its size…

  5. Odd that being in eastern Ukraine, that crowd of thousands had no one opposed to trashing that symbol of communism, and Moscow, stepping in.

    • What? And end up like one of the federalism activists in Odessa?

      This is a ultra-nationalist rent-a-mob committing a flash-mob attack on a historical monument to prove a political point (and with the full public support of the nazi Avakov). Anyone who tried to object wouldn’t last a minute against the Right Sector and Svoboda thugs…

  6. Vladimir Lenin is mass murderer and public criminal. He is responsible for millions deaths. He must stay only in books and wikipedia, not on streets and squares. God bless Ukrainians.

    • Actually, it is the USoA which has not lived a single year of it’s existence since the 1750′ as a state without a war, agression, occupying, overthrowing the lives of other peoples nations and their governments. No other nation is responsible for so many dead people in the name of freedom and democracy. US based capitalism is a receipe for plundering…

      • You should really read some history. Lenin & Stalin (and Mao in China) have killed more people than you could ever imagine. ”But USA…”

        Sorry for my bad english, I just cant understand why some people stand by dictators like Stalin n Lenin.

        • The US does not count the victims of private armies. Those victims are the sole responsibility of the corporations which run wars for the US government in other countries. In Irak, Afganisthan, Lybia not a single day has passed without people being killed. That was, after the US invaded those countries to overthrow unwanted governments. For example the war in Afghanisthan was startet by the US after the Afghan people voted for and elected a socialist government way back in the 1970’… It is a sad thing that many people do not read the wrong history books written by the wrong people

          • And yet Russia was not touched after the Soviet Union fell!Vietnam was someone else’s war,the end of World War 2 was the final blow to the Third Ryche.And now there are countries who say that the United States has not been doing enough lately to help them and the world!

  7. I am not very sure why did they did it ?
    Gee that Fact that Butin Woops I mean Pooping invaded them . As for someone saying that Gee you forgotten you own USSR history: Speak up end up in Pcyi ward. Sing a song in A church end up in jail. Millions Died from 1918 to the Fall in 1992. Thousand died because of USA but No has die in the usa because they think different then the leaders. You must are Turning on the Boob Tube and Letting it feed you crap over there like Someone else is to blame for the airline that went down rather then Russian whom Supply it and included a operator. Russian is failed state that leaders go to wars so they dont get kicked out .

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