Nuclear Explosions in Donetsk Today



Rememebr peaceful photos of Soviet Donetsk from 1984 we had yesterday? Well this is Donetsk as of six hours ago according to the locals. I am not sure what exactly those explosions are but there are rumors based on the Ukrainian top military authority quoted by a journalist  in his Facebook post where he says some quote “tactical nuclear weapons were used against our soldiers in Donetsk airport. Those were fired with 2S4 “Tyulpan” Soviet self-propelled mortar which (quoting Wikipedia) “can fire armour-piercing, chemical and nuclear rounds”.

He said that the explosions were that strong that buildings collapsed totally “from basement to the fifth store”. “If not those Tyulpan’s we could stay there for a few months more”.

A few more photos and videos of those explosions are inside:
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Some videos too:

and one more to get and idea:



So this is how it is to stay in Donetsk now.


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  1. This is mixing up two stories.

    First, Ukraine bombed a munitions plant in Donetsk. This is what the pictures are from.

    Second, Ukrainian defense minister claimed Russia used tactical nukes against Lugansk airport. This absurd claim (actualy par for the course for the Kiev junta) has since been retracted.

  2. Fortunately these buffoons running Kiev are not yet part of NATO, the neo-Nazi elements have been desperately trying to get a world war started.

    Ukraine shooting down MH17 was another example …..

    • I can guarantee, and will bet all that I own, that Ukraine is responsible for MH17. Just reading the facts it was ENTIRELY a set up to attract world attention to the Ukraine plight. I also wager that the US is also partially responsible in a provisional manner.

      Fascinating how USA said they had evidence that suggested that it was a Russian strike, and yet they never released it, never showed it, and rapidly retracted it. Funny how the rebels took possession of the black boxes and ONLY handed it over to the Malaysians before anyone else could tamper with it (plans went awray for Ukraine/USA). Odd how MH17 is just swept under the carpet now.

      I think the USA finally realised they had made a grave judgement in error supporting the Ukraine putsch. I am sure they will continue pumping billions into the Kiev coiffures, though, they seem to be distancing themselves rapidly, as is Europe.

      Let people decide who they want ruling them/their government. Why does the USA have to dictate who that wll be? All these regions decided they had had enough of Ukraine and it’s despondency and leaning to the USA and wished to reurn to Russia. Who business is it except these autonomous regions and Kiev’s? USA – NO. Europe? NO. GTFO America, GTFO Europe!

      • How is the US and Europe “In” the Ukraine? Sanctions are not “In” anything. And if you want to lay blame – blame the stinking UN, which both Russia and the Ukraine are members. Do your homework and don’t make proclamations which are entirely without fact.

        • How is US and Europe “IN” Ukraine? I dunno, I’d call investing over 5 billion US dollars, topped up with a recent further injection of 1 Billion US dollars constitutes as “IN” (or even tantamount to OWNING).

          Sanctions are one thing; establishing a new government and infrastructure that is pro-USA is more meddlesome than anything Russia is purporting to do. The PEOPLE of the vast majority of Ukraine don’t want what Kiev and their lackies have to offer – be it pro-Russian/separatist or even neo-Nazi that seemingly started the whole thing in the Kiev uprising.

          Bottom line is, Ukraine wants change. If Russia supports it’s ETHNIC RUSSIANS who live in regions encompassed by the borders set down by the break-away of Ukraine in 1991, then how is that ANY different to the USA throwing BILLIONS at the Kiev junta to try to hold together the tattered remnants?

          If the USA had citizens being murdered for speaking English – just as the ethnic Russians were harrassed and murdered for speaking Russian, and continue to be so – do you think USA would stand idly by and do nothing? Of course not, wake up! How is this ANY different, apart from it being “Big Bad Russia” that’s doing it?

          Truly, American’s can’t see the forest OR the trees because of the propaganda and elitist BS that is firmly glued to their retinas. You think Stalin brainwashed the masses… oh boy, you should look at Americans. Talk about a TRUE Third Reich – USA Uber Alles!

          • Well said. Very well said. I’m SICK of the US hypocrisy and lack of adherence to Constitutional law. And equally sick of America’s propagandized bobble heads who only do, say and think what the talking heads on the nightly news tell them to. This government of ours needs to remove the log from its own eye before helping its neighbor remove the splinter from theirs.

    • FWIW I talked to a former director of one of Canada’s military intelligence agencies and his first and only reasonable option was the MH17 was a false flag act by Kiev.

      It worked brilliantly – a massive propaganda success against Russia and now the West is SILENT on MH17, with only Russia having presented falsifiable, objective evidence with the USG retorting that their evidence was social media and common sense.

      Russia is still the only one questioning MH17 with the West falling silent.

      Set aside your bias and russophobic prejudice and think about this.

      • The West silent about MH17? You clearly missed the recent publication of the interim report on what happened with the airplane, from which you can conclude that the Russian claim that the plane was shot down by an air-to-air-missile is false.

          • Merde absolulement. I am not in Russia – in fact, half the world away and another hemisphere – and a good number of people here are beginning to disbelieve a single word of the western media – the media here is even started to controvene what they are being told to publish and publish OTHER information.

            Perhaps in France and some of the other paranoid nations, yes, you believe what is spoon fed to you, as well as the brainwashed propaganda state of the USA, but step outside these areas, and you have a vast populace that does NOT believe the lies coming out of European and US media centres.

          • It is also very apparent the number of NON-Russians posting here in agreement with the RUssian POV and not the western media/government POV

        • That is clearly NOT what the interim report says, but that IS the uniformally adhered to spin from western corporate media that has accepted such a biased interpretation. The report spoke of the aircraft being penetrated by high velocity objects from the aircraft exterior. That is all. It DOES NOT rule out an AAM and 30mm cannon fire as the cause of the shootdown.

          MH17 was most likely a false flag attack by Ukie regime.

  3. it is very dangerous to report this sort of thing unless you really know what you are saying. i really doubt this is ‘nuclear’ explosion.

  4. after reading on the internet, something you could do as well, it is reported that a munitions plant was hit and exploded. i am sure to the masses that huge explosion could be called a ‘nuclear’ explosion but it is foolish to say that is what it was when it certainly does not resemble one to me.

    • Not a chance. With China now an ally of Russia… with China owning the US foreign debt? ($13 trillion).US and EU already shitting their pants.

      Good luck to whoever decides to try.

      • And what happens with China, if US will ignore this debt? China is ally with Russia? How? Becuse of this gas contract? When it will start to deliver gas to China? 2020? Is teher any profit, like with gas to Europe? Dont forget, how many land Stalin occupied from China and how many Chinese peaople are already in some areas near the border. So, get your facts right and clean your pants also.

        • If USA ignores its debt to China, China embargoes USA. All those consumer products Americans cant live without, especially since NOTHING is made in USA anymore.

      • My mistake ! I meant : how long before China intervenes in Siberia, to protect the right of Chinese minorities in the region ?

        But I guess everybody understood well 😉

  5. Can’t be nuclear. No flash from the release of photons when the nuclear detonation occurs. Check your physics. When Fission or Fusion occurs, photons are released. When a nuclear weapon is detonated, those photons are released all at once and create a blinding flash. No mater how small (tonnage yield) the device is.

    • They are aware, but they only cover news that allows them plausibly to demonize Putin and Russia. Neither event allows that because (i) the Donetsk blast was caused by the junta and hence it makes US ally look bad (a big NO-NO!), and (ii) the tactical nuke claim is so absurd the sheeple will not believe it (but they still have MH17, while clearly Ukies shot it down, you have to do quite some research to figure this out, and the sheeple don’t research, so blaming Putin is “plausible”).

  6. Did anyone see a blindingly bright flash before those explosions??? If not, then there was no nuclear detonation but all the explosions were conventional.

  7. funny being posted today as news that happened yesterday Monday Feb 8,2014. Now its being used for propaganda. Besides if it was real the buildings there in pic would be history and the one with camera would be blind from initial blast


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