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They call this the most powerful serially-made revolver pistol from Russia. There are not too many photos available in the Internet, as it has been publicly displayed only once and the photos come from there, however what is known is that it is already being delivered to special forces. What sort of tasks does it serve? I am not sure but people suggest it is being used to destroy the locks on locked doors and things like that. Also, what is interesting in particular is that the bullets used in this pistol are the same ones that go in Russian sniper’s rifles. A few more photos and facts are inside.


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The bullets are interchangeable with snipers rifles.

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Its called “RSH-12” and what is said on this tag is:

Caliber 12 mm

Load: 5 bullets

Wight: 2,2 kg

Dimensions without a butt and silencer (so it can be equipped with those two things as well): 357x53x159

So it’s 35.7 cm long, or a little bit longer than one foot.

Pretty much a lot of a gun.


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  1. So russians have done that? How about these, which clearly has been example, a patent which russians has copied: What comes to that caliber, it is called .500 magnum by Smith & Wesson because they invented it. This has happen billion times before, russians copy some western patent and claim that they have invented it. US patents are all lies, russians have invented everything in this world.

    • Russian manufacturers have been developing& making revolver guns with low placed barrel for a long time, see the AEK-906 for example.
      The ammo in use in this RSh gun has nothing in common with the .500 magnum by Smith & Wesson for one simple reason =) The RSH-12 fires the new 12.7×55, designed for the ASh-12 assault rifle (here

      Of curse, this revolver is not the most powerful – the monstrous Pfeifer Zeliska boasts the .600 Nitro Express hunting round derived from the elephant gun, and weights over 6 kg.
      But I say, with the weight of approx. 2 kg and its special armor piercing ammo the RSh-12 is certainly more practical)

  2. It looks like both guys have their fingers on the trigger. That shows no respect for the weapon. But what else should we expect from a nation where people are not brought up learning about gun safety?


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