Submarines Transported



A couple more widescreen shots of two Russian submarines being transported through the Northern Sea Route from one part of Russia to another. The Northern Sea Route is where the ships go through the Northern Arctic ocean when it’s free of ice. This way the journey is almost two and a half times shorter than if they go through the traditional sea route starting in St. Petersburg, then the Baltics – Mediterranean – Red Sea – Indian Ocean – South-East Asia – Japan – and then finally Vladivostok. This long route is more than 23,000 kilometers long and was traditionally used if the ships from the Western part of Russia wanted to reach the Far Eastern part of the country. In the summer they have an alternative and can go through the Northern Sea Route which is around 10,000 km long. Also, with the longer route, ships travel through half the world, while using the Northern Sea Route, the ships are all of the time moving just along the coast of Russia. So the submarines went the short way. You can click for large pictures.




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  1. It appears that the only balanced method of getting two subs docked is to float each one through the bow side. Then, each one could be offset before floating the Transshelf again.


  2. Why is it that on this site, most photos on this site are of weapons or military? Do Russians think it makes them seem ‘tough’ or something?
    Try showing something high tech instead! Something of more interest. Most people could not give a damn about obsolete or even modern military equipment.


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