Hidden Tu-144 in Kazan Outskirts



Looks like there is an abandoned but fully intact Tu-144 super-sonic passenger jet plane is still there in the backyard on the outskirts of Kazan city. Was discovered by the passers by and later photographed with a flying drone camera. It’s can even be seen with “street-view” map. See inside for more.



That’s a screenshot from the virtual maps.14101748859117


And this a mobile shot by a passerby.

Then after the information became public, more photographers went there to make photos:

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And also thanks to Alesa, Here is the video:

Seems that despite its age and condition the plane is in technically good condition – see how people on video manage to activate the plane systems and even move the parts of the plane (right there in the backyard).
kazan_3.sized Tu-144 CCCP-77107 tu144-1 tu144-3

And by this link you can google street view the plane. Thanks to Nico.

15 thoughts on “Hidden Tu-144 in Kazan Outskirts”

    • Yeah sure, this parking lot does look like an airfield to me and there is plenty of space for it to take off, the wing stuck between the building like that probably would require it to be demolished before they can move it on a oversized load truck…

  1. and this makes some good reading:


    is there one in texas??

  2. Can anyone tell me if it’s possible to get a look inside & around this plane? I’ll be back in Kazan at the end of the year, I’d be super keen to have a little tour of it.

  3. Merci d’avoir rassemblé toutes ces photos du cousin de Concorde, toujours un vrai plaisir à voir.Je suis fan des avions supersoniques précurseurs !
    J’attends avec impatience les prochaines.
    Bonnes fetes de fin d’annee.

  4. Is it possible to get access to this aircraft does anybody know? I’ll be back in Kazan soon and I would love to check it out.

  5. Le TY-144 CCCP-77107 enfin mis en valeur sur un piedestal pour le 50ème anniversaire du premier vol, 31-12-2018 !
    The TY-144 CCCP-77107 finally highlighted on a pedestal for the 50th anniversary of the first flight, 31-12-2018!


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