Historical Casual Photos of Brezhnev




Brezhnev as he was in real life: women, drinking, the car he loved, hunting stories and some others are inside, about the man who was a President (or Secretary General) of the USSR for almost twenty years, and his epoch was called “Brezhnev’s stagnation” (or maybe stability?) for the country.

And yes, that’s him in the first photo serving drinks to ladies on a yacht in 1973. See more inside.





In Kazakhstan during the skating show.

0_f73f0_b56ccf75_XLDrinks again. On the boat with the Cuban Castro brothers.



In a Russian children summer camp. Nice shot.



Driving with… Richard Nixon in an Oldsmobile. 1973. 0_f73f3_4c946594_XL


Brezhnev and Fidel Castro.0_f73f4_fde7b6e3_XL


While hunting. It looks like he is holding some game in his hand. 1972.



Reading the “PRAVDA” newspaper.




Together with Luis Corvalan, the Chilean communist leader.



This is him in the factory producing… PEPSI cola. Yes, Pepsi was lucky enough to sneak in to Soviet markets during the Brezhnev era. It was a pretty difficult thing to buy, though. The year is 1976.




During a hunt again. 0_f73f9_245b373d_XL


“Hunting stories”. This is what the author called this photo. Look at the big gun on Brezhnev’s belt.



In the summer residence of an American president. 1973. Was it Nixon at that time?0_f73fb_bcebbeeb_XL


“Walk on the Potomac river”. 1973 as well.




“At the camp fire”. 1976.

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  1. Where are the Nazi Ukranains and American paid interns by Obama administration? They should have at least 10 comments comparing him to Satan and Hitler.

    • Soviet Saurai – how ignorant are you?
      Obama was not even around when this set of pics was taken, and your comment it just stupid and does not add anything to this post.
      Take your daft ideas somewhere they are welcome!

      • Please explain how so? In English, which I am assuming is your native tongue. You also misspelled Samurai. Also you didnt have to write out my name its already implied that you are referring to me when you hit the reply button. I understand you are trying to use American tactics here to undermine someone just like your country is undermining Russia. However you need more Obama paid monkeys to spam here demonizing our country.

  2. Nixon:
    “Hey, Leonid, we have such freedom of speech in USA that everybody can come to White House and say: “Nixon is a bloody warmonger and should be hanged”. Do you have the same freedoms in USSR?”
    “Why, of course we do. Anybody can come to Kremlin and say: “Nixon is a bloody warmonger and should be hanged”.”


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