The Demons Tank



“Demon” or “Bes” in Russian, that’s what one of the fighting sides in Ukraine calls himself and his group, the Demon’s Regiment. And this is their tank, probably captured in a fight. They did some paintwork to express themselves and we can see some of the artwork in the photos here. As you already see, the armor has a large painting of a demon-like creature’s face on it. What else is there?




Seems like it has a slogan “Hello from the Demon” on the gun.



And a large inscription “Demon’s Regiment” on the sides.




Also, it looks like the demon is an avid fan of AC/DC, the band.

29621_900So that’s how they roll.

I recall one Chechen man was asked when it was hot down there: “Are you terrified by what’s going on in Chechnya?” and his response was something like: “No, why should I be? I get beer, we have women and we even have our own very personal war outside so we can express our courage. What else does a man want?”. And looking at this tank it seems that men have common thoughts all around. Or would it be better that they dream of making a career in a bank?


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  1. ……The West loves cease fires when they are losing. Gives them time to reorganize and gain an advantage.Russia should have deployed “blitz” troops on the Western Ukraine border in the beginning …….NATO will be in the back door now with a stand off…..Russia is is being “played” to loose……

    • there is nothing to reorganize though…many soldiers rebel and defect…many more refuse to fight in Donbass…it is hopeless…even if NATO arms Ukraine, chances are that the weapons will end up with the rebels again

      • and here is my FSB friend again… no they refuse to fight because russians use GRAD and RPG. They know the size of russian army x ukrainian army. Also some ukrainian generals were very unprepared and naive. Its nothing to do with being loyal to their country.

  2. Interesting .. probably self made modification on the front of the turret. It its monolythic piece or just some steel welded sheets.

  3. Not wery bright to shoot down those civil passengerplanes, he is an idot doing such things under his command (it will only make people hateful) but except for that, i am wish him all luck in the battle. (No, i don´t hate Russians! Just hope this will end zoon so good people at least stop killing each other on both sides there right now! to be wery honest War and violence is not the solution of antything good. )

    • There are no facts to prove that it was Russia that shot down those plains or Russian separatist that fight to protect their own people which US labels as terrorists. Actually new theories suggest foul play and that it was staged to blame Russia. Its not Russia that controls the world wide propaganda most Russians dont speak english, so use your brain to figure this one out.

      • Russians are very interested to have outside supporters. Thats why the russian government founded RussiaToday (american broadcast). Strangely enough 2 of their hosts quit live on tv claiming they did not believe the ethics of this channel (meaning= full lies).

        • Just like USA founded CNN, FOX, The Moscov times etc etc. At least Russia should have one news channel that promote the great Russian Federation.
          RT is a very good news channel, and the people who work there are highly professional. I live in a NATO country (not proud of that at all), and cant stand all the lies we are served about Russia every minute from television, internet and papers.

    • Maybe the next time the “West” could fly a plane load of cute babies with some stuffed animals into a war zone and throw in a minority person to make it “racist” or a “hate crime”….Hollywood knows what “couch potatoes” need to hear and see….dont forget to show some boobies to keep the Americans attention spans up !

    • even the Dutch report did not mention anything about rebels shooting down the plane…as of today we know that only the Ukrainian military had BUK missiles and airplanes in the area when the plane was shot down…the rebels had Strela and Igla missiles that do not reach such an altitude…so take your stupid assumptions and allegations and go talk to your mother, maybe she listens to you

  4. Pathetic comments from sad people who think this a place where anyone cares about their pointless ramblings and attempts to spoil this site.
    But, no wonder there are problems since they clearly know everything, and need no proof or evidence to back up their statements.
    They should go find a nice warm political site, and make themselves known there and give the reat of us peace from their rambling.

    • ….yet you are entitled to your opinion ? Let us know when we are entitled to ours ! Mr. Editor/censor . ? That’s how Western propaganda works… sided lies….over throw a legitimate government and call the citizens. “rebels “…….pathetic!

      • As if by magic…

        Bob has added yet another mindless political comment that has nothing to do with what was said. And has the cheek to use the word censor while saying someone is ‘entitled to their opinion’ – clearly ONLY if it agrees with his.

        Welcome to the world according to Bob – pathetic!

  5. A middle-aged man in a Cossack fur hat, with the medal “For Courage” and the order “Red Banner” on his chest, Stand at the concrete parapet, looking somewhere in the misty horizon. Silent. We asked:
    – You were at war in Afghanistan?
    – I did – nods Yuri Protsenko officer of battalion “Vostok”, – Two months ago, I brought here a consolidated company of the battalion “Vostok” and twenty-two days we fought here completely surrounded. We counted, how many times a day ukrainians shelled on this height. It appeared from 320 to 644 shells. Then we were taken here in a full circle. Ammunition brought by BMP till … over there, you see, to that green stuff out, and then we carried all staff ourself for about four kilometers and carried back the wounded. Here my fighters lost 9 men killed and 38 were wounded. That’s all …

  6. “Bes” (the Demon or Devil in Russian language) was a nom-de-guerre of one of the most prominent field commanders of DNR (Donetsk Popular republic) – Igor Bezler and these markings indicate that the depicted vehicle belonged to Bezler’s Gorlovka battalion.


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